Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bartender Cabbie Top 25 College Football 9/22/2013

Yesterday was a pretty good day of football with not too many surprises. Some of the "power" teams did struggle a good bit against "lessor" competition, but there were no earth shattering upsets...

1. Alabama: Got off to a slow start against the Rams but not slow enough to knock them off the top spot.

2. Oregon: Idle. No reason to move them up or down.

3. TAMU: Johnny Football and CO. will continue to roll.. Must improve on defense or they may have a nasty surprise (or two) in store before all is said and done.

4. Clemson: Another team that struggled a bit but not enough to move up or down from last week's ranking.

5. South Carolina: Moves up one without playing. Might be ranked a bit high. They are getting the benefit of the doubt.

6. LSU: May really be a team worth watching after all. Improved play on offense and a good defense might propel them into a national championship. Miles still coaches though.........That is problem.

7. Florida State: Easy win against a pretty good FCS opponent.

8. Louisville: Easy win against inept competition doesn't really say much. They are the real deal though. Believe it.

9. Stanford: Better than expected. Had an easy time with Graham's Sun Devil squad. Graham is an ass anyway.

10. Georgia: Struggled against the Mean Green of North Texas. The Dogs really didn't look like a top ten team. They are.

11. Ohio State: A win against FAMU proves nothing. Nothing at all. Probably the best team in the Big Ten, Not sure exactly what that says about the Big Ten......

12. Miami: A good football team that is still under the radar. Could challenge for top spot in the ACC.

13. Oklahoma: Might be the best of the Big Twelve. Or not. Talent is there but coaching staff is suspect.

14. Baylor: Utterly destroyed a pretty decent Sun Belt squad. Could possibly be the best in the Big Twelve. Well coached.

15. UCLA: Turning out to be a pretty good football team. Well coached.

16. Washington: We will see. May be better than some suspect.

17. Northwestern: OK

18. Maryland: Very easy to overlook (and I have done so). The Terps are playing some ball. When was the last time that happened?

19. Mississippi: Could surprise some folk in the SEC before all is said and done.

20. Fresno State: Could be the best of the MWC. Nice win over the Broncos.

21. Texas Tech: Still too early to see what they are really about. Something is going right. Anyway that Tuberville is gone and that is a start in the right direction.

22. Florida: Not convinced they are a team that can challenge in the SEC quite yet.

23. Michigan: Struggled mightily against a less than mediocre team for the second week in a row. If Hoke was not coaching they would be out of the top 25. I am still, at this time, a believer in Mr. Hoke.

24. Notre Dame: OK

25. Texas: Texas? Yes.

On the bubble in no particular order
Oklahoma State: Fell out of the top 25 due to the uncertainty whether some rather wild allegations will be a distraction.
Houston: Not real sure what they have yet.
USC: Should be top 25 but just aren't there. Kiffin coaches. Nuff said.
Utah State: Will challenge to top spot in the MWC
Boise State: A dangerous football team that could finish strong. A bit of a down year.
Michigan State: Maybe. Will have to improve.
Washington State: The Pirate might be the man to right the ship here
Arizona: Well coached.
Arizona State: Probably not
UCF: Might be a top 25 team before all is said and done.
Oregon State: Another well coached and rather under the radar team.
Mississippi State: Perhaps - A top 25 finish would be a major success in Starkville.
Toledo: Good MAC squad
Ohio: Ditto
Northern Illinois: and Ditto again.
Anyone else? Maybe Nebraska or Kansas State. Both would have to improve a great deal. Not convinced that Pelini is the man in Lincoln. I know that Snyder is the man for KSU. No one else can win there it seems.
Arkansas: Probably not this year.
Auburn: Improved over last season. A bowl game of sorts likely but a place in the top 25 is a long shot.
Vanderbilt: Well coached. Nashville is a hard place to win in the SEC. Vandy would be a better fit in CUSA, the ACC, or that newfangled American Athletic Conference. They won't go anywhere though. Commodore fans would rather lose in the SEC than win in a lessor conference I would wager.
Penn State: Perhaps
Missouri: Easy to overlook. Might be a team worth watching.
Wisconsin: Probably should not forget about the Badgers.


Jayhawk said...

LSU does have Cam Cameron calling the offense. That may prevent Les Miles from needing to eat gress.

Not so sure about Oregon State. They needed the Aztecs to throw two interceptions in the last three minutes for their win.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Anything to keep Miles from calling the offense during clutch situations has to be good for the team.