Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bartender Cabbie College Football Top 25 9/29/2013

There were some pretty good games on tap this weekend with two or three of them being important in race for the BCS "National Championship."

Top 25 for 9/29

1. Alabama: Pretty easy thumping of a team that is better than a lot of folks suspect.

2. Oregon: Not good enough (yet) to knock off the Tide but certainly no reason to drop them in the standings

3. Clemson: Has a shot at the big game at the end. Class of the ACC.

4. TAMU: Needs to play a bit of defense. Typical Sumlin team with great offense and little D. Showed they could run the ball a bit.

5. Georgia: Edged the Tigers. A good football team with a shot at the SEC Championship.

6. LSU: For some reason the defense stayed at home. Vastly improved QB play over last season.

7. Stanford: We will see how good this team really is shortly.

8. Louisville: I don't care who they play. This team has a shot at the "National Title."

9. Ohio State: Finally a win against an at least decent football team. Which QB is the better is the question here. The hot shot Heisman candidate or his back up.

10. Miami: A team to contend with in the ACC. Probably second best in that league.

11. South Carolina: Struggled mightily against a very good albeit under the radar squad.

12. Florida State: As usual the weakness was exposed. Could not cover against a very weak BC squad. A win that drops them in the standings.

13. Oklahoma: Very good team for the Big Twelve. Should be in a BCS game.

14. Baylor: Waiting for the Sooners to falter.

15. UCLA: Still hanging around the top 25. This team is better than most realize likely.

16. Washington: So they say.

17. Northwestern: Ditto

18. Maryland: Amazingly enough the Terps make the grade.

19. Texas Tech: A pretty good team. Still a bit of a mystery.

20. Florida: OK. Maybe.

21. Mississippi: Will still make some noise in the SEC and reach a respectable bowl game.

22. UCF: This team will make some noise in the new fangled AAC (or whatever it is called).

23. Texas: Perhaps. Might be a bit of stretch including them here at this point.

24. Oregon State: Just might have them ranked low. Perhaps substantially....

25. Fresno State: Right on the edge of being excluded after their by the seat of the
 pants win over the Warriors of Hawaii. They probably should be excluded after that performance to be frank.

On the Bubble (in no particular order)
Michigan: Drops out. Buffalo (yes Buffalo) blew out the Huskies of UCON, a team which the Wolverines had real trouble with. Hoke better get it together.
Wisconsin: Perhaps
Vanderbilt: A pretty decent lower level SEC squad.
Mississippi State: A top 25 finish would always be a win
Houston: Haven't really played anybody but 4-0 is 4-0.
Auburn: Should reach a bowl
Arizona: Looking pretty good.
USC: Nope. Doubtful. Canning Lane is at least a start in the right direction. It can take years to undo the type of carnage he caused.
Arkansas: Right coach at the right time. Like USC, it may take a while to right the ship that was sunk by Petrino and, to some extent, Smith.
Boise State: Don't count out a top 25 finish quite yet.
Utah State: Same.
Oklahoma State: I had a feeling there were some chinks in the Cowboy armor.
West Virginia: Doubtful but a good win yesterday none the less
Northern Illinois: Not to be counted out in the MAC race for certain. Probably the favorite at this point.  Could reach top 25 before all is said and done.
Illinois: Hard to imagine but they are 3-1 at this point.
Missouri: Under the radar and could be a pretty good team.
East Carolina: The class of CUSA.
Ball State: Good MAC squad
Bowling Green: Ditto
Ohio: and ditto again.
Penn State: Doubtful
Minnesota: Started strong but will fade fast. It would be a major accomplishment to reach the top 25 this season (or any season for that matter).
Arizona State: Coached by an idiot but an idiot capable of winning.
Notre Dame: Over rated. As usual. That being said, a top 25 finish is not out of the question.
Kansas State: Hard to count them totally out the picture quite yet.

Probably missing someone but whoever that may be is such a long shot that it is probably not worth the time typing them in.

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