Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 5 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week I went an inauspicious 5-5 straight up with a season record to this point of 27-13.. It would have been exceedingly easy to go 10-0 with the ridiculous match ups we had to chose from. It will be nice when this disastrous BCS system finally goes away for good and perhaps some of these silly contests with it. The Hell spawned BCS has gone a long way toward ruining the college game.

On to the predictions for week 5.......

1. Utah State vs San Jose State: This could be a good game or not. Utah State is the better team but San Jose State, while not the squad they were last season, is still much better than the usual Spartan group. I will go with the Aggies of Utah State to take this one. It may be rather close.

2. Miami (FL) vs South Florida: The Bulls are dismal. Plain and simple. The Canes at the very least are a top 20 squad and may just be banging on the door of top 10. That being said South Florida will be gunning for them. It may be closer than expected but I will have to go with Miami here.

3. South Carolina vs UCF: This will be the week that the Gamecocks prove they are top 10 worthy. UCF has a lot to prove here also. The Knights could very well be a top 20 team and the Gamecocks, while high in the Bartender Cabbie Top 10...........Well, they need to win here. They will but it will be a hard fought game and will be close.

4. SMU vs TCU: This historic rivalry could be a good game. TCU is not the squad they have been the past few years and the June Jones era in Dallas is, thus far, disappointing. Another game that has the potential to be close and I will go with TCU.

5. Oklahoma vs Notre Dame: While far from being the "big game of the week," this is an important match up from a national perspective. The Sooners have not been really tested except perhaps by WVU (and we have seen what the Mountaineers amount to this season) and the Irish have already had a couple of tests with one major failure (against a Michigan team that may or may not really have top 20 potential). Neither of these schools figures to challenge for a spot in the "National Championship" game but one of them will likely find themselves in a BCS bowl. I would go with the Sooners here. We will see come Saturday whether either of these teams is the real deal.

6. Houston vs UTSA: The Coogs had a nice win last week against a good (for CUSA) Rice team. They should be able to handle Coker's squad with relative ease. We will see. Go with the team from Houston.

7. Fresno State vs Hawaii: June Jones should have stayed in the islands where he had consistently decent teams. He isn't amounting to much on the mainland it seems. But Jones is gone and the Rainbows err Warriors are a dismal bunch. The Bulldogs earned a spot in the Bartender Cabbie top 25 last week with a win over a pretty good Boise State squad. To stay in the rankings they will have to win here. They will. Go with Fresno State.

8. Texas Agriculture vs Arkansas: The Razorbacks may be heading in the right direction with a new coaching staff but they are a long way from hanging with the Aggies. Go with the team from Texas. It could possibly get ugly.

9. Ole Miss vs Alabama: Conventional wisdom says that the Tide will roll here. Not so fast. Ole Miss might not be LSU quite yet but they are a quality team that is on the rise. This should not be a cake walk for Nick and it might be a closer game than many expect. I would go with the Tide here.

10. LSU vs Georgia: This is unarguably the big one of the week. Georgia had more trouble than they should have against the Mean Green last week and that does send up some red flags 'round here. I will pick the Tigers in a close one. Probably decided by less than a touchdown.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

"Miles still coaches though... That is problem."

And there you have it. LSU stopped Georgia in the 3rd by blitzing. When they needed to do it again late in the 4th, we saw a four man rush and completed passes leading to a LSU defeat. Miles let his players down with bad decisions, which is the same old story.

Too bad Cam Cameron doesn't call the defense, too.

Bartender Cabbie said...

There was not much defense being played by either school.