Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly Saturday in February

As usual there are a lot of interesting and important things going on in the country and the world in general that warrant discussion and I may or may not comment on them in this little diatribe.

I like Guy Fieri. His Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives show is pretty entertaining and often educational. During one trip to San Antonio I actually went to one of the places that was featured on his program. Not really anything special if I remember correctly, but what the hey. I do believe that T Bone Toms of Kemah, Texas was included in one segment (I could be wrong), and I have eaten there many times. Pretty nice little place. Not really a diner, drive inn or dive, but not a fancy place to be sure. Makes a pretty good chicken fried steak over there but I can certainly do a steak better on my grill at home. Thinking of steak, I used to work some with a caterer who could fuck up a rib eye like no one else. I often wondered why the word was not out on him but, as usual, I digress.
Guy Fieri is an interesting character who is owner/co owner of various restaurants. It is interesting that one of his NYC places was lambasted in the "food press" in that fair city. Typical. Most of those "foodie" scribes are probably jealous of his success and  it  just makes sense that they would savage his place. Of course the joint may indeed by horrid, I wouldn't know. Likely though it serves regular fare and these snobbish foodie fags would trash anyplace that didn't serve some minuscule weirdness on foofoo looking square plates. It just makes it more fun for them to publish drivel about a semi famous food guy's place. Effete, jealous little pricks.

It appears that Good Hair Rick Perry has invited businesses in California to take a look at relocating to Texas. Good news for us I suppose. Why anyone would open a business in the high tax climate of the Golden State is beyond me. Shame. For the most part, California is a nice place. One of my favorite areas of the country is the Russian River region.

A bit more Texas news? Why not. It seems that some judge has deemed the way schools are funded in the Lone Star State to be unconditional. Interesting. Right now the school district folk are screaming for more money to waste. Granted some needed programs are in jeopardy. Music, theatre, journalism, etc. and  vocational training programs are taking a hit. There really is no need for that. Each major (and may smaller) districts could cut 30 percent of their high salary "administrative" force without any adverse affect. Some sporting programs could be cut also. It makes no sense for schools to have 4 football teams, 3 basketball squads, etc. etc. Let those who make the "big" team make the team and have the rest of the student body deal with taking physical education. The savings would be phenomenal likely. Anyone who has been around education for any length of time knows that there is nothing more useless than coaches who are forced to actually teach a real class. Unless it is an army of "administrators." Now those folk are truly wasting a taxpayer's dime.

The war in Syria still rages and there appears to be no end in site. A week or so back Israel attacked a convoy that was reported to be transporting weaponry to Hizbollah (Hezbollah, whatever). Of course there was screaming from the usual suspects but that matters little. Iran appears to be behind propping up the Assad regime (which may be around a lot longer than some initially thought). They are also a sponsor of the Hizbollah terror organization. In the meantime we are reported to be cutting our force in the Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea from two carrier groups to one. Doesn't it make more sense to just take care of the Iranian problem now rather than later? There are some who think such. At times, I find myself in that camp. There certainly is a bill that the fine folk of Hizbollah need to pay. Remember the Marine Barracks from the early 80's? Of course you don't. At some point will we just square all accounts in the region in a proactive, pragmatic, and devastating fashion? Probably not.

A while back a friend of mine said that "the world would be a better place if people quit fighting over the supremacy of their imaginary friend." Or some such. I have to agree. The world would be a better place if the various endless wars over religion would just cease. It does seem a stupid thing to fight over granted. In the real world however these conflicts have been around since the dawn of organized religion  and there is nothing on the horizon that signals change. While the West (and everybody else if truth be told) might not be at war with Islam, Islam is certainly at war with the West (and everybody else). While the whole concept of religious conflict is stupid, doesn't it make sense to be on the winning side none the less? You probably shouldn't ask me though. I am one of those who believe that the Crusades were a justified endeavour that unfortunately ended in failure.

Egypt is an interesting case. The "Arab Spring" ended up bringing a terror organization to power. Of course our administration and most leftists were cheerleaders for the fine young Arabs who would finally bring peace and democratic institutions to the most important (and powerful) Muslim nation in the region. It seems that some folk have gotten an idea of just what they have with these Muslim Brotherhood types and are crying foul. It may be a matter of time before Egypt becomes another Syria. Perhaps the Egyptian military will take control of the situation and we will see these Brotherhood types dancing at the end of a rope before the situation spins out of control. Either way, the U.S. sending advanced weaponry (and borrowed monetary aid) to Egypt is nothing less than criminally stupid. There is no other way to describe it.

The other week I was watching some show on C Span that had a "panel" of left wing types discussing various issues. There was some communist "education expert," a nurse whose main gig is being a spokeswoman for some community organization, a forgettable left of the aisle congresswoman, and, strangely enough, Newt Gingrich. Of course Gingrich was the whipping boy but he did not seem to mind much. He probably, and rightly, figured these folks were just out of touch idealists and their attacks on him mattered little. I almost forgot to mention that Dr. Cornel West was in attendance. When it was his turn to speak he typically went off on some rant in some almost incomprehensible dialect. Cornel West? Now that is one crazy fucker.

I guess I will wind up with the raging gun control "conversation." I suspect that for most of us who are gun owners our stance is that, no matter what the federal govt comes up with, we will just ignore it. Obama has turned out to be the best gun and ammunition salesman of all time. I don't think they are coming for our weapons quite yet but that is the ultimate goal for many of those on the left.

Watch and see.


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