Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday Blabbering 2013 with Banned Cheerleader Rule 5

Today the Baltimore Browns (err Ravens) face off with the team from the Bay Area in what has the potential to be a good game. My money is on the team from Baltimore. They seem to be a more well rounded club. That being said, I really have no interest in the game but I am sure I will watch. It seems somehow un American not to do so.  Whatever the outcome, it will be nice to finally be shed of the Ray Lewis worship that has dominated much of the "coverage" leading up to the game, and perhaps we will no longer have to see that  woman say "game day bucket go boom" on the KFC commercial.  That spot alone would send me to a competitor to buy my chicken if I was indeed in the market for greasy, heartburn producing fare this day. I'm not.

The Super Bowl is a time honored American distraction and many tend to take our thoughts off crap at work, problems in the country, etc. etc. for a few brief moments.  Often the games themselves are unwatchable and all the silliness associated with it can certainly get old but once in a while there is a contest worth watching. We will see how this one turns out..............

Another thought on these recurrent Super Bowls......It appears to me that the only place that really knows how do put on the party for an event of such magnitude is New Orleans. Houston did a commendable job a few years back, but there is just one New Orleans. I believe that the game will be held in NY in the near future and that may be borderline ridiculous. A friend of mine says that he hopes it will be about 18 degrees and miserable weather. I wouldn't go that far myself, but I do question why the NFL would make such a boneheaded move........

Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz made the "news" of late for being left off the squad that will be going to the game. There are those that allege it is due to some weight gain and that she is being discriminated against. Hell I guess she should sue. Why not? It's another American pastime.

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