Monday, February 4, 2013

Blabbering After the 2013 Super Bowl about Mohammedans and Leftists.

The Super Bowl Sunday last was a pretty good one. It looked as if the Browns (err Ravens) were going to run away with it until the "power surge" took the Dome's lighting system off line for a bit. Needless to say this break may have changed the character of the game and allowed the 49ers to regroup and make a game of it.
The power surge? I am probably not the only one in the country who said "hmmmm" when it became apparent there was a problem. It is a testament to the paranoia that still runs rampant in this country after the attacks of Sept 11, 2011 to at least have thoughts of a possible terrorist attack (Mohammedan or otherwise) when there is an anomaly. If anyone thinks that such an action is beyond the realm then I will certainly and gladly sell them a bridge............A major sporting event would be, I imagine, a prime target to strike, at the least, a psychological blow to the country. There is no bigger sporting event than the Super Bowl.

Well it appears that there was no terrorist action from AQ, Hamas, Hezbollah, leftists, rightists, etc. etc. (Speaking of Hezbollah, there is a bill due from this fine organization from the early 80's that needs to thoroughly be paid. In full!! At some point perhaps ....). Nope, it just appears that there was just a regular old outage that came at an inopportune time.

If we discount Mohammedans for a moment, and consider an attack from some sort of home grown organization, it would be interesting to see how the mainstream media and the leftists in this country would verbally respond. I would imagine if it was some redneck group it would be branded "right wing" ie conservative terrorism. That would be wrong. Any nutty group that comes from the "right" is in no way conservative. The flip side? It would be hard to imagine what the lefties would say about some avowedly communist(ic) type group.  I would wager that some would "sympathize with the cause but condemn the action." Or some such.

The rest of us would brand a socialist minded terror group a "left wing" group. Rightly so. While a redneck criminal group has nothing to do with conservative(ism), a group that is polar opposite has everything to do with what is commonly referred to as "left wing."

An example? OK. Timothy McVeigh had nothing in common with conservatives, while a modern Weather Underground type organization members would have very much in common with the thought processes of those from the left.

This is plain as day.

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