Monday, May 21, 2012

Mundane Monday

There is really not a whole lot going on that is of any real interest. A few minor news stories is about it.

The much anticipated protests at the NATO summit have kind of fizzled (much to the chagrin of the "news" media.) A few got knocked in the teeth by the local gendarmes apparently but that was to be expected. It is kind of hard to have much sympathy for the sufferers. Protest is a legal right but when property is damaged or the citizenry (yes even the local fuzz) become targets, well, there will be a few teeth prints left on batons. Nothing really to get in a twist about.

I suppose that at some point NATO troops will leave he Afghan people to their own devices. Bound to happen and probably overdue. Bin Laden swims with the fishes and there are a few less Taliban than there were at the onset. I guess it is time to go. Afghanistan will devolve into chaos (it never really emerged from it) but that is just the way they roll over there.

The Facebook IPO looks like it will be a fizzle. Who would have thought.........Fools and their money will part ways eventually and if one bought in at 38 bucks per share then it is safe assume that they did not do their "due diligence." BTW this "due diligence" is one of the  buzz phrases that has gained popularity of late in the corporate world. Or so I hear. I'm pretty sure an MBA grad is behind it somehow. It is always something. No wonder the country is going to the weenie dogs.

Did anyone hear the "teacher"  berate a student about insulting President Obama? Good Lord. This woman is an employee of a public school system somewhere? We wonder why our kids come out of school stupid as ducks?

I guess the movie theater chain AMC will be a Chinese company now. Nothing shocking about this. I won't be spending my money there though. If you have read any of my "work" I would suppose that you would not find that shocking either.

Rule Five? Another time perhaps.


Jayhawk said...

I love that "Afghanistan will devolve into chaos" thing. What part of Afghanistan already being in chaos do you not understand, dude? It has been in chaos for hundreds of years.

Bartender Cabbie said...

It is a sad land.

Jayhawk said...

Indeed it is. The question is, why do we care?

Bartender Cabbie said...

Now that Bin Laden is gone and his network (in that region) supposedly wrecked; it is time to leave. The place is what it is and no amount of money, troops, do gooders, etc. will likely change it.