Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not Bad For Some Boys From The Old German Democratic Republic

There are finally some very good videos of Rammstein's Houston concert that was held Friday last. The show was Broadway, a fireworks display, and exceptional music all mixed together to produce a show to remember.

These guys grew up in the now defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and I would imagine they know a thing or two of totalitarianism. Do you think for a minute that I would have been able to enjoy this exceptional show had not the "Iron Curtain"  fallen? What about  the persistence of  the American government and people for supporting freedom over tyranny in Eastern Europe?  You know the answer.

Rammstein is not for everyone and no mistake. Most lyrics are in German and it is Rock n Roll the way God intended it to be. Not every one's cup of tea. That being said, enjoy the opening of the show.


Phil said...

Rammstein is the shit, I would go see them in a heart beat.
Du Hast, motherfucker.
That being said, I just got to see The Wall.
A different genre but still fucking awesome in it's own right.

Lucky you, that must have been one hell of a show!

Bartender Cabbie said...

It was top notch. I would venture to say that it was the best live show I have ever seen. The downside is that I will now compare all live concerts to this. None will measure up.