Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mooing On May Day

Happy May Day. Comrades. Let us not forget that "May Day" is celebrated worldwide by communists and their sympathizers. It should not be confused with our Labor Day.
Speaking of communists, it does  appear that these silly OWS are not going to cause too much trouble. Little bit in San Francisco last night, but haven't seen much else to worry about. The day is still young though. I know they won't cause any trouble here in the Republic. They will have their marches and rallies, as is their right, but any property damage will be cause to hit some in the mouth with a stick.

It is being alleged that Nancy Pelosi did indeed know about water boarding, was briefed on it in fact. I guess that makes her a liar in addition to being, let us say, not the most attractive woman I have ever seen.

It appears that millions of dollars are going to be released to the "Palestinian" Authority. This pisses me off a bit. This is my money we are talking about. I have said before that any sympathy I may (or may not) have had for the cause of the "Palestinians" ended on Sept 11, 2001. Did you not see the those folk dancing in the streets? Did you not notice the celebrations at the death of thousands in NYC? Palestinians? Fuck em.

Andy Pettitte is reported to on the stand in the Roger Clemens trial. I actually feel sorry for Clemens. A sports legend with a ruined rep. Every bit as bad a Pete Rose. I get the feeling that Clemens is a liar and  I never really liked the guy, but I can't help but have a feeling that Andy has turned out to be a bit of a rat.

Remember Sheena Horne? Me either. She is kinda a cutie though. Or at least was back in the day. Wonder what she is doing now.

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