Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aliens From The Past and Look at that Fuckin Hair

It would sure be fun to wander the Earth with a crazy haircut and a horribly out of date brown suit all the while sporting an unhealthy looking spray on tan. It would even more fun to do all this while making what has to be a healthy sum of money "working" on a far out television program. That is just what one Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gets to do for a living.
For the uninitiated, Giorgio is one of the numerous half mad commentators on the excellent Ancient Aliens program. His hair, tan, and suit are the butt of jokes. Anyway, what these guys (including George Noory) do is visit ancient sites and come up with new theories about their origin, purpose, etc. etc. Of course their investigations always lead them to the conclusion that space creatures are behind everything. This goes against the grain of mainstream "science" to be sure and it would be quite easy to discount these ancient alien theorists as nutcases, but damn it, some of their theories make some sense. It certainly can't be denied that mainstream science does not have the answer to everything. The modern day scientist knows way less about any given subject than they think I would wager.   When all is said and done it will probably be discovered that Steven Hawking was about a relevant as the flat earthers of old.

I catch a lot of shit for watching Ancient Aliens from my better half, but I really watch very little television at home. How could I what with some variety show broadcast near every night of the week?

The same thing can be said for some of the "ghost hunter" type programs. These people, to me, are involved in investigating real mystery and the fact that their work is discounted by those scientists in the mainstream probably makes their work even more important. The problem is that these shows have become kind of a fad and this may dilute some of the real work being done. It also opens the door for fraud most likely.

I used to watch one of those "Bigfoot" programs a good bit but they are less interesting now that it is proven that Bigfoot does indeed exist. Unfortunately it has also been discovered that they can speak. This specimen was photographed in her environment most recently.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...


I need to google Giorgio.

Oh and we're visiting Wyoming--where my kids are convinced ghosts roam at night.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Wyoming is one of the few states I have never visited. There probably are ghosts roaming about. It seems a pretty mysterious place.