Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Thoughts for Friday

TGIF. I have not been keeping up a much with the news of late; too busy. Thankfully I am off today and will waste time (yours and mine) on blogging. A few thoughts to get the ball rolling.....

What are these "occupy" protesters protesting exactly? Is it the banks? Of course some bankers are scum and have done their part to get us involved in this financial mess we are in. Lawyers are scum also. Do we protest in front of their offices? I suppose we should include Allstate Insurance to the list. I know that company is full of scumbags. I have felt their "good hands" before. Worse than a visit to a doctor with fingers the size of a lumberjack.

TCU to join the Big XII? Sounds like a winner. The conference needs to do something to avoid going the way of the pterodactyl. TCU more than replaces those silly Aggies. It will be hard to replace Nebraska though. That is a shame. College football is in flux. It is most likely the fault (to some extent) of the asinine BCS system. I propose we occupy NCAA, ESPN and BCS offices. Does the BCS actually have an office? Is it some sort of star chamber type thing? I don't know. Do you?

Notre Dame is really considering joining a conference in football? Say it ain't so. I guess just skating along on their name and ancient gridiron glory is not enough anymore.

It is being reported that the laws against "dwarf tossing" may be repealed in Florida. Sounds good to me. If a little person wants to be thrown around in a bar for pay well that is their business.

Jimmy Carter is a dunce for giving away the Panama Canal. I guess it would not be PC to take it back at this point.

Hugo Chavez is going to nationalize some oceanfront property on an island off "his" coast. Perhaps the property owners should apply the scorched earth policy and run for the boats. I don't buy Citgo gasoline because of this Chavez trash. I apologize to the good Americans who are employed by Citgo. I have nothing against them personally. Maybe we should do something about the ownership of this particular energy company. Perhaps we should do something about Chavez also. Perhaps call Dale Gribble. He's a merc isn't he? A pest control exterminator mercenary as it were. I once knew a carpet cleaner who claimed to be a demonologist. I called him "Bud the carpet cleaning demonologist." He sort of made me nervous.

I suppose that HLN is going to broadcast the Michael Jackson trial thing non stop. After all the Casey Anthony deal has pretty much gone away. It is amazing that Americans continue to watch these loud mouth hoors with their sensationalistic style of "journalism."  Oh well can't blame the network. They are just providing a service I suppose.

Have you seen the new Gears of War commercial? I like that vato. I like that. I may actually go out and buy it so I can waste even more time when I should be doing something constructive.

Halloween is upon us. I am getting ready for the local "evangelical" churches to begin their yearly campaign against satanism, witchcraft, paganism, etc. etc. What a bunch of freaking loons. I never have seen Old Scratch on Halloween. Have you? If Lucifer appears in the driveway then perhaps I will get on board with the fundamentalists on this issue. Till then? STFU.

My friend Mark was rude to some Mormons the other day. I was sort of embarrassed. They did leave though. I will say his method does work. This is the same guy that told a Muslim woman that he "hoped she did not have a bomb under that suit." I am glad I was not present for that episode.

Swing on by later. I will be happy to waste more of your time.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Let's see, we agree on Halloween. I can waste more of your time on that subject.

Or, the top of my latest piece is where I try to make what case can be made for Israel.

I was rude to some Mormons once. I told them I thought Joseph Smith must have made up that story about finding gold plates buried in a hillside in New York. I sort of felt bad after seeing the looks on their faces. But I believed what I said.

I generally seek out a Citgo station, one or twice a month when my little Kia runs low and I need ten gallons. I used to be glad some of the exorbitant profits were going to lay water mains in the slums of Caracas. And some are. That's what I like about Chavez. Still, the guy makes me wonder one more time, how come the ones who say they will do all this good for the people, also develop such big egos and loony clown acts?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I pretty much think that the Latter Day Saints are a bit of a cult. It does not bother me that they ride around on bikes talking to folk. It is not my cup of tea but they seem harmless enough.

Halloween? I don't know where the "holiday" really originated. Have heard many different opinions on the matter. I don't think it has anything to do with evil though. It seems in our culture that it is a harmless little evening which benefits the candy, costume, and dental repair industry.

Citgo? I am old school. I look at the Carib region as our "lake" as it were. A bit imperialistic I know but I view any leader in the region that does not play ball with the United States as a potential enemy. Castro was harmless enough to our national security after the fall of the Soviets and never really was a threat after the "Missile Crises." This Chavez, while not a military threat per se, still should be isolated and thwarted as much as possible.

Jayhawk said...

I find some of our American theories a little bit strange. We were sitting here on the North American Continent, resenting the hell out of the fact that England "owned" us, so we rose up and killed a bunch of them to not be owned any more. But: we seem to think that the Caribbean is "our lake" and that we should own the little countries which surround our lake.

We have that "nobody messes with us" thing, but it's okay for us to mess with anyone we want to. It may be "right" because we are the biggest, baddest guy on the block, but it is not logical.