Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Seething

Yesterday, I believe it was, the video of the attack (or rather the aftermath of the attack) on the Twin Towers was released from the vantage point of an NYPD helicopter. Sickening does not describe it. This footage along with others should be shown in all history classes at the high school level and up. Of course it won't be though. That would be considered by the powers that be to be "promoting intolerance" or some  such nonsense. I disagree. It is a lesson in history. This happened and trying to "make it go away" will do no good. Not that the unpatriotic types won't try to purge it from the public consciousness though. They are already working hard in that regard.
I have heard some say that showing the images of that horrific day is the same as a continued viewing of images from Pearl Harbor. Again I must disagree. While the images of Pearl Harbor should be required  viewing in school, they should be seen as a historical study with no animosity toward Japan or the Japanese people. After all, Japanese militarism was successfully extinguished and the nation is now one of our close allies. At this time Islamists are still a problem and will be for a long time to come. Hell we can't even seem to catch Bin Laden. There is still very good reason to be angry and  intolerant.  Very good reason indeed.


sth_txs said...

Speaking of historical study, how about required reading by any speech written by Colonel Smedley Butler of War is a Racket fame?

Or maybe Day of Deceit?

Personally, too many things went wrong that particular day for it to be the work of some 'Ayrabs'.

Bartender Cabbie said...