Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Hat No Cattle This Good Hair or Look at the Shoes

It is rodeo season here in the Houston area and I used to make quite a bit of money while in the cab. Can make some bartending also and will continue with that next weekend. College basketball makes it to Houston this year and that may offer some weekend bar work. Don't know yet.  Oh well, to me the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is kinda nothing more than a pain in the ass. Traffic is horrendous, most musical acts suck, and people who never ever wear cowboy getup are out and about looking like Black Bart. They are frankly a bit ridiculous. Of course I would think this way being a Southeastern Conference man. I prefer Mardi Gras; even the short bastardized version that they have in Galveston. But that is not what I want to talk about.
Texas' Constitution dictates a balanced budget. Fine and good, but Governor Good Hair is (of course) looking in the wrong places. This man appears to be targeting education in the state and teachers (and other employees) are shaking in their boots. Ok, we all know that most school districts have too much of their budget devoted to sports and administrators (who are for the most part useless appendages), but to totally gut the system is not the answer. Good Hair will likely target the prison system also and of course there are those imprisoned on minor drug charges who should be released, but there will likely be dangerous criminals released into the community. Of course the powers that be deny this, but most of those folks are fools and some perhaps criminals themselves. Now I want to point something out here about the type of sociopath that inhabits state, federal, and local govts all across this great land. It is something you can bank on when trying to determine if the person you are dealing with is a liar, thief, sociopath, or maybe just perhaps a "plain dealer." Look at their shoes. If their shoes are of the tasseled variety then you can just about count on them being some sort of lawyer or public administrator with evil in mind. These shoes are commonly known as "cocksucker" shoes. Fitting name I think. It has been my experience that those who wear these type of shoes are indeed, well, cocksuckers. Now Governor Good Hair I don't believe wears these type of shoes. I think he goes nowhere without his cowboy boots on. You know, to show the world that he is a "take no shit" type of Texan. In reality he is a coward. He refuses to take any meaningful steps to secure the border; preferring to tell us all it is a "federal responsibility." I don't hear him talking much about the federal govt's attempts to damage the energy industry. He should be in Obama's face daily on that one.  He has not gutted meaningless state agencies that have outlived their usefulness. Agencies such as TABC, Railroad Commission, and Texas Education Agency (not to be confused with local school districts, kinda the state version of the useless Dept of Education.). This would be a good start. Disband those agencies and you have at least begun something. Hate to wish bad on people, but some of these folk need to look elsewhere than the public tit for sustenance.

Texas is in a pickle sure, but leadership at the top is sorely lacking. Good Hair may not wear the tasseled shoes but he certainly qualifies as one who should.


Jayhawk said...

Do you know the difference between cowboy boots and truck driver boots? No? They look the same and are made by the same manufacturers, but there is a difference. Give up?

Cowboy boots have the horse shit on the outside.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Good one