Monday, February 14, 2011

Loons From The Houston Area

There are a couple of loons in Congress from the greater Houston area that warrant a small bit of discussion. Of course anyone who reads this blog knows the great respect I hold for Sheila Jackson Lee. A brilliant woman and a pillar of the community. She just has to get her mug on the television so we all will come to understand the unbelievable intelligence of this woman. I jest of course. Jackson Lee is a loon and there is no mistaking it. I am sure that at some point in time, during a lucid moment, she actually has had a good idea. Perhaps. Hard to believe though as she is a dumbass sure.
Now we come to Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is an interesting character and I must admit that he represents the district in which I live. He actually lives just down the road as a matter of fact. Now Paul is in no danger of losing his seat in this neighborhood and barring getting caught with his pants down, will be able to stay as long as he wants. No Democrat or Republican that I know of has any chance of unseating Paul. Now Dr. Paul is not really a Republican at all. He is a Libertarian who runs under the banner of the Elephant for convenience sake. I would not doubt however that if he chose to run as a member of the Libertarian Party that he would still win hands down. It is no doubt that Paul has some good ideas but many of them? Wow!! Alrighty then. Unfortunately the man is a loon. Not a dumbass like S.J. Lee, but probably, when all is considered, more of a nut. While there are plenty of nuts, dumbasses, and fools in the hallowed halls, it may be rare for two people to come from the same immediate area (except in perhaps the Bay Area). Lee and Paul are a couple of nuts. Paul is interesting in a more "Boy this guy is out there" way while Lee is just someone to laugh at. Nutjobs both.


sth_txs said...

Yeah, RP is so horrible. Pretty sad that people have that attitude. I can't think of single of one of his proposals that would not put money in my pocket.

Oh well, no real incentive to work my ass off anyway.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Perhaps it would put some money in your pocket, but true Libertarian(ism) is a prescription for disaster in many ways.

sth_txs said...

We came pretty close to 'libertarianism' as the Constitution was written. I'm more of a 'classical liberal':

Pretty clear you don't much about the different philosophies involved. It is not about dumping pollution or letting corporations (creatures of the state) free reign to do whatever they want. Corporate statism is no good either, and we have lots of example of that these days.

Of course, too many people dumbed down, even those with degrees and want a handout off someone else's hide. One of the reasons I have quit voting.

For me, RP makes sense. My purchasing power is no better than when I started working after college in 1999. Even worse, I worked in a state with an income tax making $42k and I calculated at the time that before and after my check 1/3 of my money was sucked away. Not sure what I received overall for the money.