Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Reverend Jackson Prolls for Toon In Wisconsin?

There are some very important, history making, things going on in the world and even perhaps right here in this country that are worth following and making comment on. Just not right now. Today I find it interesting that the Very Reverend Jackson is reported in Wisconsin standing in solidarity with the public sector "workers" of that great state. I think I know, or at least suspect, a bit about the esteemed Minister of God. I have actually met Reverend Jackson years ago at a Super Bowl event that was being held at "The Parador," on the corner of Almeda and Binz in Houston. Incidentally this was the very same event and venue where I first ran across Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Be that as it may, Reverend Jackson came to my bar during this event and I even actually introduced myself and shook hands. It was kind of neat in a "who cares" sort of way. I have met many many celebs in my "career" behind the bar in Houston and probably Jackson would be on the lower end of the scale. I did once meet "ex porn star" Isis Nile who rode in my cab, but that is a different story entirely. One thing that did occur at The Parador is that the good reverend disappeared for a while. No one quite knew where but there was speculation. The Parador is a cavernous venue with a perhaps a few "hiding places" where one can have a bit of privacy. Of course that wasjust speculation, but the good revererands' reputation preceded him. How could one not wonder? He actually did turn up a bit later and I honestly don't remember if he stuck around to witness S.J. Lee's impromptu and apparently unwanted speech. That in itself is a funny story. Good Lord, that poor woman can drone on and on about nothing. Anyway, there is no telling really where Jesse went that night. I do know that he is rumored to be bad "to proll for toon." I do know that much. What I don't know is where the Very Reverend Jackson holds religious services. Pretty sure he is not looking for his congregation up there in Wisconsin. He is probably just "prolling for toon."

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