Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yes I Watched the Game

I was not really interested in the Super Bowl. The Saints were out early; beaten by a team that really should not have qualified for the playoffs and I quickly lost interest in the season. I really have very little interest in the NFL anyway. College ball is my thing but to each his own I suppose. I guess I watched because it seems just a bit Un American not to. It is the biggest sporting event going no doubt. Yes Yes I know - the World Cup is bigger some of you may say but let us be honest. Most Americans don't give a rats ass about that. As my good friend would say "fuck a World Cup." If "futbol" is your thing then more power to you but be so advised that it will never replace American football in this neighborhood. Don't even think it will displace golf in popularity. Bowling and tennis (badminton) perhaps but that is not a given. Getting a bit sidetracked here. As I was saying before the ugly image of soccer raised its' head; the Super Bowl is almost a "must watch" even if one does not care about football at all. It was a shame that the game was a bit lame but I did find myself pulling for the Pack for whatever reason and I suppose it was nice that they won. It was indeed hard to watch though. The ballyhooed Super Bowl commercials were a tad off this year also it seems to me. One or two were pretty good but for the most part they just weren't attention grabbers. Glad it is over.

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