Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the Hell. I will also Pontificate on the "Egyptian Crisis"

Ok the Mohammedans are on the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, etc. I saw pics of some on camels. The cavalry I suppose. Did not see any flying carpets. I guess the Air Force was grounded for a bit. In all seriousness this a dangerous situation for those of us in the West, not to mention the "Zionist Entity."  The problem here as I see it is that whatever govt that Egypt comes up with next will likely not honor the treaty with Israel, will probably be influenced by Islamists and therefore not friendly to Western (and other) Democracies, and will likely, much like Iran, be interested in exporting the "revolution" across the Muslim world. I am certainly all for people living in freedom and I do truly feel for those that thirst for such in this part of the world. Unfortunately their freedom is not of paramount importance at this time. What is of great importance however is the security of Israel, the status quo, the security of the Suez, and the security of the West.  If hellish regimes need to be in place in that part of the world to ensure the above remains intact then so be it. A great many in this country and elsewhere need to grow up and look at the world the way it is instead of how they would like it to be. A Utopian is often a fool and I believe those that are immediately supportive of regime change in Egypt are not looking at the big picture. Perhaps they are not Utopians at all but just garden variety stupid.  


Ema Nymton said...


"...a dangerous situation for those of us in the West, not to mention the "Zionist Entity.""

Your reactionary Utopian wet-dreams of hellish regimes being propped up by the blood of USA for the sake of private corporations and their corrupt politicians (both foreign and domestic) are not of paramount importance at this time.

"What is of great importance however is the security of Israel, the status quo, the security of the Suez, and the security of the West."

Get over yourself. Egypt is about Egypt. The people of Egypt decide what happens in Egypt.

Could it be you are calling for the support of this hellish regime because Mr Obama is not supporting it?

Ema Nymton
The LEFT - taking shit for being right since long before you were born.

Jayhawk said...

"...will likely, much like Iran, be interested in exporting the "revolution" across the Muslim world."

Sorry, my friend, I have seen no evidence that Iran is interested in spreading anything anywhere. They have not declared war on anyone in several hundred years. The evidence of them supporting terrorism is thin at best, merely the unsupported word of the American government. The evidence of them contributing to Iraq insurgency was clearly cooked. The rest of the world sees them as a trading partner.

What evidence do you have that the revolutionaries in Tahir square will do any of the things that you say they "are likely" to do? The only thing they have said they want is Mubarek gone, have not really even demanded democracy or any other change in the form of government in their own country.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Well Ema as usual you read too much into things. I could not care less what President Obama thinks on the issue. I am just looking at what I percieve to be a danger to the West and Israel. Of course the fate of Egypt is up to the people of Egypt, but do you discount the possibility of radical elements taking over and setting that area of the world again in flames. I would prefer the status quo. Much like the old Soviet Union, it is better to know and be able to predict the actions of an enemy or potential enemy.

Now on to someone whose opinion I respect. Jayhawk I do believe that Iran is interested in exporting the "revolution" or at the very least allying, and dominating, radical elements in the region. If our govt is to be believed (I know) Iran is supporting anti govt elements in Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as fearing radical elements taking over in Egypt either democratically or otherwise, I look to the spectre of Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah(Hezbollah??) in Lebanon. I fear that a truly regionally powerful country (Egypt) will be dominated by an unpredicatable radical element. This would likely scare those in the state of Israel who can be a bit unpredictable themselves. It could become a very dangerous situation that would not be beneficial to the West. If the Suez did not connect the Red Sea to the Med, then I probably be inclined to take a more relaxed view on the issue. If our country was truly "energy independent" and did not rely on oil from the Persian Gulf (and other) areas and, to some extent, the Suez being open and secure, then I would likely be even less alarmed.

Jayhawk said...

Well, your points on Hamas and the other one, which no two people ever seem to spell the same way, are certainly not without merit. I'm just not entirely certain as to the degree to which "revolution" is pertinent.

Hamas was elected in a proper election which was demanded and monitored by the United States, so I'm not sure how much "revolution" was involved there.

Hezbollah is actually more of a social organization than a political one, providing housing and food for the poor. It is secondly a military organization with a focus on defense, and has political action as only its third priority.

Those two organizations are certainly allied with and receive support from Iran, and I would definitely not say that they are in any way friendly to the interests of the US, so I cannot claim that you are full of it. You may have a small content of it, but don't we all.

Bartender Cabbie said...

LOL I agree with your last paragraph. We all are full of some bs whether we know it or not. Apparently the situation has changed today and there is some sort of regime change. Just got home so not sure what is going on yet. I guess I will have to rely on what passes for "news" reports out of the region.