Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little Episode at the Evil Empire

I unfortunately had to do a bit of grocery shopping this AM and decided to go to the Evil Empire to fulfil the need. I don't really like the "Empire" and in fact,  I detest the place. They are a bit cheaper though one has to admit. Pretty important right now. I am noticing prices are steadily increasing also so anyone who says there is no inflation just does not go shopping much I guess. True, inflation does not seem to be out of hand yet but give it a bit of time. Anyway, as I was standing in line to check out I noticed three very large women all decked out in tight shorts and (of course) sporting many tattoos in front of me. Nothing really out of the ordinary there. What was out of the ordinary though is that one of them winked at me. I was a bit taken aback and just kind of looked at the candy. Did not really want to acknowledge that wink. Not sure what it meant. I mean, I think I know, but good God, I just got over a minor stomach bug. Don't want to feel queasy again anytime soon. As they left, the man behind me said something to the effect of "You could easily go and get yourself a (ahem, ahem) hummer in the parking lot." "Hmm," I thought. Might not be so bad after all. I placed a call to my wife and explained the situation but she issued an immediate veto. I got the distinct impression that further discussion of the subject was probably not a good idea.


bjkeefe said...

Dude. Dude. Have you forgotten the first rule?

It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Or so I am led to believe by our political leadership.

repsac3 said...

You made a wise choice, sir.

My wife told me so. (She also suggested I tell my pal Brendan that it's easier to just assume the answer's "no," to start with... The images of the ol' lady with the wooden rolling pin might be a bit dated, but that 12" frying pan is still quite current... ...and deadly.)

Besides... You had no way of knowing how used and abused that oversized excuse for a car she'd've been offering was... (You were talking about the vehicle, right?)

Bartender Cabbie said...

Both of you gentlemen are acknowledged. Yes respack3.. talking about the "vehicle." A slightly used one no doubt.