Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Controversial Gift

I was going to say a bit about a poker table that Santa "brought" to my young one(that is what she asked for) that was made in Red China (the table not the child) but decided against it. What isn't made there these days? I thought about the tequila that I almost bought a friend but decided against it due to it being  a product of Mexico. It is easier to boycott the products of Mexico than those of the Red Chinese. I decided to target the American Golden Arches instead. They appear to be the "real enemy" these days and it is just a bit more "American" to eat our own (no pun intended) it seems. You see, my better half got a certificate from Mickey D's as a gift from one of the firms she does some business with. Fine and good. Now I think that said "restaurant" is crap and the food, for the most part, horrible. My child, on the other hand, believes that the sun rises and sets in the land of the Golden Arches. At least the part where the chicken nuggets are grown. We decided to give the gift card to my child for Christmas. Re gifting I believe it is called. Now, as a parent, I do allow her to visit this foreign land on occasion and indulge in a nugget frenzy but I do limit it somewhat. (If left to her own devices, she would eat all her meals there). You see we make these choices and decisions. No one else.  I am not sure that I would be comfortable with anyone else making these decisions for me. The gift certificate will be used sparingly but it will be used. To those of you who are attacking the Golden Arches, be it in court or city council chambers, I say; "Shame on you." You are just pussy.


Jayhawk said...

Good for you. Children should be indulged to some degree. They are children, not undersized adults. They should know happiness, and parents be the main source of that happiness.

This post made me happy.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Thanks Jayhawk. I am happy that you are a reader.