Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why the Repeal of DADT Does Not Bother Me

I am not really all that upset at all about the repeal of  "DADT." As a veteran I know darn good and well that gay people have been serving honorably for a long long time. I am sure since the days of the American Revolution. I just don't see the big deal frankly. Now I remember when women were first integrated in warships and the outcry that ensued. Of course there have been a few problems here and there as there will be when gays are integrated but that goes with the territory. There were a "few" problems also when those American of African descent were integrated. The nation survived and the military is stronger for it. Now I understand that there are those that have prejudice against gay folk but I would like to ask you this. Do you think that just because someone is gay means that they are automatically going to be "attracted" to you? Maybe want to bugger or blow you? Unlikely. As I said gay folks are already in service. A friend of mine who served many years in the USMC told me something to the effect of "there are so many fruits in the Marine Corps that is almost unbelievable." I see no reason to doubt him. I served in the seagoing services and knew quite a few that I suspected to be gay. I could not have cared less. My friends Pat "The Hamster" and Joe "The Horse" were gay and we all got along pretty well. I would have trusted my life with them in a dangerous situation. There are those that worry there will be a huge influx of gay people enlisting very soon. Perhaps some, but again I beg to ask a question. Do you think that the average "flamer" is going to enlist? That is after all what you are likely afraid of. I don't think so. "Mr. Charles" at the hair salon probably does not have any interest in military service. Nope, I don't think that openly gay people in service will really make any difference. Probably won't even notice it. If I thought that gays would seriously disrupt the fighting strength of our forces I would be totally against it; feelings and "rightness" be damned. I just don't see this as a big issue. Sorry.

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