Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Vey! Circumcision to be Outlawed?

Well I had to go into Houston after work this afternoon to tend to a bit of business and came upon an interesting billboard. Now I did not have time to sit and look at the entire message as I was in brutal traffic moving at a quick pace, but the gist seems to be that circumcision hurts and is cruel. This may be true but I don't remember it. Do you? You see I am sure this is some advertisement from a group of "do gooders" that would love nothing more than to mandate that all males be anteaters instead of helmets. I have spoken of the problems that "do gooders" can (and have) caused society in the past. Nothing and I mean nothing can convince a "do gooder" to leave things well enough alone. They are on a mission. They are convinced of their righteousness, and of course, most are stark raving mad. I think the whole circumcision thing should be left to up to the family of the child. The whole thing reminds of something funny. Quite a few years back, while serving in the USCG, I knew of a guy who apparently kept having some kind of wing wong problem. He was not circumcised and apparently the Naval medical staff decided that a circumcision was in order. Well the procedure was performed and when he got back to the ship he swore up and down that part of his dong had been amputated. True story. Scouts honor.  I don't know for sure if he was playing it up or really and truly believed such, but the long and short of the matter is that he had to be discharged from service. Probably he was running a scam but perhaps, just perhaps, they did lop off a bit of his wang. It was the early 80's after all and we are talking about military medicine.....


Hugh7 said...

You may not remember it, but how long did it take you to forget? Taddio et al. found circumcised babies reacted differently to the pain of vaccination, months later. Forgotten pain was still pain at the time, and a sugar pacificier has recently been shown to be useless as pain relief - it just relaxes the face, in an illusion of calm.

"...leave things well enough alone."
Isn't that all these "do gooders" are asking?

"I think the whole circumcision thing should be left to up to the family of the child."
How about leaving it up to the person most directly concerned, when he is old enough? Where he is not under considerable social pressure, he'll choose to leave things well enough alone.

Your shipmate's story might be perfectly true. It is not only military doctors whose hands can slip, but also civilian doctors, mohelim and imams. And whatever happened, they did lop off a bit of his wang. It's original equipment, not an optional extra.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Hugh 7 response noted. Follwed your link and find that of course it is an organization that seems to be lobbying for an abolishment of circumcision. Interesting, I do not dispute that there are instances of botched operations. Don't think it has reached the point where we need to get lawmakers involved though. Hell don't they have enough to do worrying about the BCS system, steroids in baseball, and non ethnically named Hurricanes? Getting involved in the circumcision issue would just be stretching our lawmakers too thin; don't you think? At any rate as far as the guy in the USCG that was discharged; maybe the military doctors did cut off part of his weenie. Who's to say? I did not know the guy personally, as he was discharged apparently just days before I reported for duty, but it sure was the "buzz" of the ship I can tell you. Good luck with that getting circumsized made illegal. Lord knows the anti smoking crusaders have been relatively succesful, so keep hope alive. Your issue may reach the foreskin err forefront soon.