Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Don't Know What to Say About All This

The gusher continues unabated. The BP oil spill? That too. The gusher I am speaking of is the mouth of "Our Dear Leader." Problem is - nothing he says means much it seems. We have heard some of the 1200 National Guard troops that are to be deployed to the southern border. Have any of them arrived for duty? Now there are to supposedly be 17000 troops deployed to the gulf - to assist in the clean up effort I suppose. There is something drastically wrong with this. While 17000 troops to the southern border may be of some assistance of stopping the invasion and keeping the enemy in their place, 17000 troops to the gulf is ridiculous. Why? There is already economic disruption along the gulf and there would easily be 17000 people that could be "hired," at BP's expense of course, to assist in the clean up effort. The disruption, (which will be made much worse by a long term "moratorium,") has displaced those in the fishing, tourism, oil and gas, and various support industries. Like a domino effect if you will. Already in Texas we are seeing some of the effects of this. People who were scheduled to go offshore to work are being told they are on hold. I know at least two people so affected in my small community. Now a short term "moratorium" should have already come and gone. It should have been considered more of a "safety stand down" with the purpose of reviewing safety procedures, equipment, etc. etc. This type of procedure is done in the U.S. Navy and various industries, particularly after an accident. Now BP is in fact a problem and it is well known that they have a safety issue, but to economically crush an entire industry is irresponsible and foolish. This administration is sure to further damage the American economy and even more importantly our defense capabilities with any long term stoppage in deepwater drilling. Perhaps that is the plan.

Now we come to our president's choice of words. To call the horrible oil spill an "assault on our shores" is the equivalent to saying that BP has committed an act of war upon this nation. Such choice of language infuriates those in the United Kingdom, one of our most important allies. An ally which has troops shoulder to shoulder with our forces in the war with the Mohammedans. Why go out of the way to distress our true allies? Again BP appears to be a menace and a rogue player in the oil industry, but President Obama's language appears directed at the people of the UK. Maybe he really just reads what is on the teleprompter.....

The "Arizona Immigration Law" is now under attack from the administration. The federal government will likely stop at nothing to derail it. Why? It appears to be a well thought out and really quite a benign "solution" to the problem of invasion and violence. Those in DC are out of touch. Arizona was forced to take some measure due to a total lack of response from the entity that is supposed to defend this nation - The U.S. government. I wish that those that govern in Texas had the cajones to follow Arizona, but alas, they are cowards. Our governor is a blow dried empty suit and this is not in dispute.

Now Eric Holder is the Atty General of this land and the agency in his charge has made it clear by action that they have no intention of seriously combating the crises on our border. There is a war there after all that is beginning to seriously threaten our citizens. When Holder took the oath of office, he swore to uphold the law and yet it is apparent that he has, probably by direction, no intention of doing so. Where will that lead us?

These are things that just seem to defy understanding. In just over a year this administration has begun to cause damage that may take many years to undo. The shift in our attitude to our admittedly unpredictable, yet very important, ally Israel has had the effect of confusing our allies while giving comfort to the Mohammedan enemy. The targeting of an entire industry due to one (very serious) accident is foolish. This policy, if not reversed immediately, will cause a major disruption in the economy. The lack of defense on the southern border will cause the violent death of American citizens. Already has. I don't want to hear some suit tell us on the television that Obama has been instrumental in beefing up the Border Patrol. That is nice - and totally inadequate. Some of those same border agents will be further put in harms way without adequate military back up. It is apparent that only a complete militarization of the border will solve the problem at this point.

Sorry for rambling. It is just apparent that the current administration is hell bent on damaging this great nation. A nation that I served honorably in uniform, both military and civil. It makes me sick to my heart.

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