Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boycott the Products of Mexico

I have recently decided to avoid knowingly buying products made in Mexico. This should not be too hard for me as there are really very few small ticket products from there that are worth buying anyway. There are exceptions of course. Jarritos Tamarind flavored soda is very good and I used to buy this quite frequently. The other Jarritos flavors that I have tried are just a bit too sweet for me. I guess I can live without Jarritos Tamarind. Now the other day I did violate my self imposed boycott with the purchase of a Bohemia beer. This was recommended by Gary Fouse of the excellent blog Fousequawk. Check him out on At any rate, he was correct and Bohemia is an excellent beer but I can certainly live without it. The good beers of Mexico are "German" beers anyway. I can purchase similar products made in the USA, Germany, etc. Corona Beer and the various copycats are tasteless and for the most part not worth buying.

The other day I went to a major grocery retailer to purchase some squash. The sign above the vegetables noted that the squash was a "product of the USA or Mexico." I opted out of making a purchase. If the squash was grown in the United States, then I apologize to all involved in the growing, transport, etc. etc. process. There was just no way to tell if they were American grown.

There are a lot of big ticket items produced in Mexico that are shipped north. I will be investigating this and will attempt, time permitting, to come up with a list in the near future.

Oh, why have I decided not to buy Mexican products? If you require an explanation then you may be out of touch with the state of our nation.

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