Friday, June 25, 2010

Dances with Sludge

A couple of weeks ago I was watching some news program or other that featured Kevin Costner and his oil removal machine. I had forgotten about it until now. Yes apparently Kevin helped finance his brother in some sort of "centrifuge" device that can filter a certain amount of oil from the water and return up to 99 per cent "pure" water back into the environment. That is great news, although one must remember that this is something that will probably not have a serious impact on most of the damage that has been (and is being) done to the environment. This device could however have some effect on helping clean up some areas that are affected. Bravo. According to today's reports, BP has indeed agreed to purchase and deploy some of these units in the fight against this raging disaster. Too little and too late most likely, but better than nothing.
Good for Kevin and his brother. Hopefully their company will be successful and all major players in the oil industry will be making a purchase. Hell perhaps they should even be required to. It is obvious that oil companies have no real game plan to combat a major disaster such as the one now continuing to unfold off our coast. Funny thing, apparently some drilling concerns have balked at purchasing this type of equipment because the water that is released (after the oil is extracted) does not meet "environmental standards" for clean water. Still and all 99 percent purity is better than sludge - or do you not agree? Typical. The government gets too involved and scares off business into making a purchase because of some hypothetical "clean water" standard. Amazing.
This is where the story really gets funny. Some "liberals" are touting the fact that Costner is reportedly "one of them." That is great! Good for Costner and good for you libs. What they do not take into consideration is that Costner and Co. poured a lot of money into this project with the hope and intent of making a profit. I wonder if that will burst any "progressives" bubble.

Kevin Costner! Living the American dream and making a profit. Good for him.

Now doesn't some real world help in this disaster make much more sense than asking that puss James Cameron to heal the planet? Cameron did once ride in a mini sub you know.

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