Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Four Team Playoff? Wow!!

It looks like Division I college football will be going to some sort of four team "playoff" format in the next couple of years. Great. That should fix the whole ridiculous BCS system that is in place now. I can't wait. Now we will be able to really and truly get to see which school is the "real" champion in the ranks of "big time" college football. My money is on a revolving door of  USC, LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame (because they are special), Oklahoma, and maybe even Florida, FSU, Oregon or Texas. Year in and year out.

Yep they really have fixed things over there at the NCAA.

What a bunch of dolts.


Jayhawk said...

Four teams "selected" into a three game "playoff?" Seriously? Everyone is getting excited about this? I am so unexcited I cannot even summon the energy to yawn.

Bartender Cabbie said...

This new format, as I understand it, that they speak of has the potential to be even worse and unfair than the current BCS nonsense.