Thursday, September 8, 2011

Which Hair Is The Better Man?

The Republican debate occurred last night and it was as absurd as advertised. The show seemed to be mainly between Good Hair and Good Hair Jr. They chattering class largely proclaimed Mitt to be the clear winner over the man with the better hair. Rick may not be the brightest crayon in the box but he sure does have pretty hair. Be that as it may,  I just don't think that either of these Good Hairs' are fit to run the country. How can you trust a man with a kiss me quick haircut like those two sport?

 I actually would like to see Ridiculous Hair get in the race. I believe this man has real world knowledge and experience on creating jobs. His views on on how to deal with the Mohammedans are simply Machiavellian. As well they should be. He just seems to have an overall view of the world the way it really is. I like that Ridiculous Hair. Yes I know he is a self important ass and narcissist. Can you point to a candidate for public office who is not?  Why Ridiculous Hair feels the need to star in some sort of "reality" show is beyond me. Think about it though. He would be better than the buffoons of the political class that this nation has been forced to endure for the last twenty some odd years. I would vote for Ridiculous Hair. If he does not get in the race (which he won't) I may just cast my vote for him anyway with a write in.

 I will not vote for either Governor Good Hair or the Massachusetts pretender. I have seen this Good Hair and I know who he is. I suspect that Good Hair Jr. is just more of the same. The rest of the Republican field is just wasting time. Beating off as it were.

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