Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Couple Of Minor Changes

After the horrific attack by the scum on Sept, 11, 2001 this country changed. Whether for the better or worse I just don't know. Sure there were some major shifts. We, as a nation, became more security conscious. It needed to be done obviously but things things probably just got a bit out of hand. Such things generally do. The TSA was added, and frankly, I really don't see the big deal. Of course I avoid flying so the genital grab thing does not really affect me. It also seems that every time there is some sort of real or imagined threat we are treated to the spectre of uniformed cops in some major cities brandishing automatic weapons. That is really something that Americans just should not get used to seeing. It is odd and a bit scary frankly. This ain't Greece after all. JFK is not Athens International. I think sometimes this fear of Mohammedan terrorism makes us look a bit weak in the eyes of the international community. Be that as it may, there were also some minor changes that have taken place that many may have overlooked.

Anyone of the thousands who regularly read this blog know that I enjoy advertising a great deal. Jack in the Box has horrible food but brilliant advertising. Even some of the insurance commercials are pretty amusing. I wonder if the insurance industry could cut their rates a tad if they spent a good deal less on advertising. I would wager they could do so but of course they wouldn't and won't. I digress.

Did you happen to notice that the Bud Lite "Real American Heroes" campaign was quickly replaced by the "Real Men of Genius" spots after the attacks. These new advertisements were just are not as good. I suppose that it was a bit distasteful to be making light of the word "hero" when there were people who are indeed real American heroes who have lost their lives in trying to save others.

Pace Picante Sauce pulled their advertisements off the air that made fun of "sauce" that is (supposedly) made in NYC. They have recently begun to make light of that fair city in their advertisements again I have noticed. Enough time has passed since that day I suppose and there is really no real reason to not place some good natured jabs at New York (or anywhere else) in advertising if is suits marketing purposes.

These are just a couple of little things that are different in our culture after the events of 2001. The fact that this terrorist trash has caused us to change anything about the way we do things in this country is sad.

It seems awful strange to me that we have those among us who are silly enough to continue to believe in the best intentions of those in the Islamic regions of the world.

Strange and naive.

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