Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OK OK. Jeez

I have taken a lot of heat lately about my vocal distrust of the so called "Tea Party." Most of my friends and relatives are tea party types or at least subscribe to some of the philosophy of this sorta kinda evolving political party. Of course we are in Ron Paul country here and a whole lot of them subscribe to the goofy notions of Dr. Paul who is certainly no a Tea Partier but rather a sort of special case.
I am getting a bit tired of being called a "liberal" by some of those who have no real notion what a liberal actually is. I also get a bit tired of hearing about the Constitution from folk who have no idea what actually is in the Constitution of this great land. When someone  begins to throw the Constitution around I usually just ask a pointed question about it. Seldom do I get a correct answer. That does not stop anyone from talking about it though. It is funny what happens when one gets their talking points from talk radio and those on television. Educate yourselves and hold a conversation from a position of knowledge. Till then? STFU.

Funny thing. I actually believe a good deal of the time those of the Tea Party have, on some issues, a pretty good case. We all know that the federal, along with most state govts, are just way to big for the good of the country. They pretty much need to get out of the way. A good many agencies need to be disbanded and consolidated. Do we really need an FBI, DEA, ATF, etc. etc. No. Some consolidation and reduction in force is in order there I would think. Dept of Education? Is that really necessary? Seems to me they just get in the way. Yep we could reduce the federal government a great deal and get rid of a whole lot of dead weight. We could I am sure go on and on.

That being said, one does not completely gut the government and expect to have a functioning society. Next time a tornado blows away a community. a fire or flood destroys a neighborhood, or some dumbass does not evacuate from the coast during a major hurricane, I fully expect a member of this so called "Tea Party" to wave away the Coast Guard helo and announce that they will accept no assistance as they are in the Tea Party. I expect they will accept no help from a fire service that receives some federal funds. I expect that they will take no offer of government financial assistance. They will refuse social security payments when in need as they do not want any money from a "Ponzi scheme." Ponzi scheme? Something else most of them have no idea of what the definition is. Some of these folk have already been exposed as hypocrites. Cantor comes to mind. I would submit that a great many of the people who are in this Tea Party are merely frustrated folk who know damn good and well that something is not right with our country and are grasping at straws. Some of them are stupid sheeplike creatures also, but you have that in any group. You see this on the left and right. You saw it in Germany also in the 30's.  Oh don't get your panties in a knot. I am making no comparison. Just pointing out that sheep are always followers.

Now as for me being a liberal, well I think libertarian would be a better word. I admit I do have some liberal ideas on some issues but generally I just want to be left alone. Live and let live.
 For instance I do not care what gay folk are doing. If you want to get married and booty bang for as long as you are able then so be it.
Want to convert to Mohammedanism? Go for it. Just don't expect me to trust you though. In fact fully expect me to distrust you.
Want to handle snakes? Fine. Just don't expect me not to laugh and make jokes when your stupid ass gets bitten by one.
Want to drive around in a buggy, wear funny clothes, and make furniture for a living? Go for it. I know this Amish thing is pretty profitable. Perhaps I should convert and make a fortune in furniture sales and then of course retire to some exotic land and drink foofoo drinks all day.
Want to smoke a little herb on your day off? Make sure you stop by the local green grocer for snacks.
Want to drink yourself silly? Have fun. Don't drive though. If you hurt someone I care about then I will conduct a personal interview with you.
As long as someone is not endangering others then I usually just don't give a damn what they do.  This would be the part where I agree with some of the rather loony beliefs of  Dr. Paul.

If you still wish to call me a liberal perhaps you will let me explain my thoughts on how to deal with enemy Mohammedan nations such as Iran.

Let me explain to you my ideas on the true ownership of the oil in the region. Do you think for a minute that if it was required we would not take it?

 Let me explain to you how to pragmatically deal with the likely  takeover of the Suez by a coming radical regime in Egypt. (This would be the part of where I don't agree with Dr. Paul.)

 Let me explain to you how we need to support a future Kurdish bid for a nation state at the expense of Iran, Iraq and our "friend" Turkey. Ataturk will soon be rolling over in his grave on where his state is headed.

 Let me explain to you why we should not ever support the bid for nation state status of the Palestinians.

 But perhaps you don't want to hear all of the above and would rather just let me explain precisely how to deal with the situation on our southern border.

 I could go on and on and on.

Liberal? Most folk don't know the true meaning of the word and by the way, I still think that most members of the Tea Party are on the fringe of society. Not quite the lunatic fringe, but fringe none the less.

 Just a guess. Could be wrong.


Jayhawk said...

"I would submit that a great many of the people who are in this Tea Party are merely frustrated folk who know damn good and well that something is not right with our country and are grasping at straws."

Probably a very astute observation.

Pat Hatt said...

You could go on and on and on? Isn't that what you did?.hahaha

Very informative read.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Pat Hatt,
Going on and on and on is pretty much how I roll.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yeah Jayhawk I think that people are so fed up with where this country seems to be headed they just don't know where to turn. Historically that has not turned out to be a good thing.