Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Marse Robert

Today is the birthday of Robert E. Lee. Born this date in 1807, Lee had a varied career as an officer in the United States Army and when the War  broke out he chose to go with his native state of Virginia. He could have very easily had the post of United States' Army commander. It was a different time sure. Those who practice revisionist history and consider this fine, distinguished man "evil" or "racist" are foolish and ignorant. He is a figure of great importance in the history of this nation. It is disturbing that there are those who are so ignorant of American history. It is ridiculous that there are those that allow their pathetic petty prejudices get in the way of educating themselves about our country. No Master Robert was not evil. On the contrary.


Ema Nymton said...


This coming from you?

It is not pathetic petty prejudices to keep in mind, Mr Lee was a leader in an armed insurrection and fought _against_ the government of USA. His personal actions directly led to the deaths of many.

Are you saying that the figure of great importance in the history of this nation actions were not traitorous? Or are you saying your screams in defense of the Constitution were just for show?

Ema Nymton

Jayhawk said...

A man of honor and distinction, indeed, but not without his flaws. He did commit a couple of rather notable blunders, mostly due to hesitation over possible losses. He was, for his time, overly concerned about casualties. One of the best ever turned out by West Point, though, to be sure.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Ema of course Lee was a traitor to the United States as are all soldiers who fought for the Confederacy. However it is indisputable that he is an important figure in American history. It is funny how many do not take the time period into consideration when analyzing history and historical figures. In the context of his time he was considered by those in his district to be doing the "right" and "proper" thing by going with his native state. Frankly I am surprised that you did not attack the man as being some kind of devil incarnate.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Jayhawk I agree he was one of the best to come out of West Point. One flaw militarily was to perhaps view the entire outcome of the war dependent on what was done in the area between Washington and Richmond. It is possible that he did not take into account that the war could more easily be lost (or won) in the "hinterlands." The war was indeed lost in the "West" long before Lee surrendered.