Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Evil Empire's Tactical Retreat

It is being reported that Wal Mart has decided to not move forward with their planned store on or near the The Wilderness Civil War battlefield site. That is a bit surprising as the Empire is as predatory as they come. It is probably nothing more than a tactical retreat of sorts. It is likely that there will in the very near future be a "ramped up" outcry over the percentage of crap that the Empire sells that is made in Red China and other nations. Not that this is their fault per se. American business as a rule has decided to outsource jobs to foreign and often enemy nations to the detriment of our collective welfare and, dare I say, national defense. The Empire is merely taking advantage of this. However, along with their relentless drive to create a virtual monopoly and their questionable employment practices, the likely upcoming bad press on foreign made goods is something that the Empire does not want or need. Is it possible that the Empire is just cutting its' losses here in order to not have an additional "bad press" headache? 

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