Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Bit More on the Evil Empire

I unfortunately found myself shopping at the Evil Empire this afternoon with the sole intent of purchasing a couple of small bottles of tempera paint for a class that I am teaching. Should be no problem right? Guess what? They did not have it. Perhaps they don't make this stuff in Red China. I don't know. Had to go to another store to make the purchase. At any rate while shopping I did need to pick up a few other grocery items as we all must do at one time or another. I try to avoid the Empire but sometimes it is convenient and it is in fact somewhat cheaper than most stores. Well as I was standing in the check out line I noticed some incense made in good old Oxford, Ohio; USA. I was a bit surprised at this as I know that a lot of smell pretty type stuff is made by borderline slaves in China. I found that rather interesting and I do know that they carry some candles made in West Monroe, Louisiana. I suppose if you look hard enough, even at the den of Evil, you can find a few items still made in the USA. Not enough though. Not near enough.

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