Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tea Party Racist? Come On

Well it appears that the NAACP has declared the "Tea Party" a group of racists. Typical racial politics by an organization that is desperately trying to maintain relevance in a changing world, or so it appears. They of course have a point that there are some that attend Tea Party events who are no doubt racist. This same can be said of any political organization or any political gathering anywhere. Do you not think that there are some (probably most) that attend events sponsored by "La Raza" are racist? Do they get a pass? It seems so. What about those that attend "New Black Panther Party" shindigs? A pass also I would suspect. You see, apparently a "minority" can not be really a true racist. Now the so called Tea Party is not a political party at all, or at least not at this point. It is a movement that calls for limited government, lower taxes and general conservative, if not libertarian principles. The movement also does not appear racially exclusionary. Of course the NAACP further insinuates that the movement contains a good many "ultra nationalists." Of course most Tea "Partiers" are nationalists. Those few that I know believe in the Constitution, America first, rule of law, etc. etc. Conservative principles as noted earlier. What the NAACP really aims for with their "ultra nationalist" stance is one of the oldest trick in the far left's playbook. It is an attempt to equate, in the public mind, nationalist with "National Socialist." A well worn cheap trick if there ever was one. Of course it is also proven effective due to the unfortunate low level of sophistication by a large number of Americans. That is the way it goes unfortunately. It is for sure a detriment to the cohesion that this great country needs to progress and maintain our strength.

No I won't be convinced that the "Tea Party" is a racist or "ultra"nationalist organization until such time as I hear the music of Stormtroop 16 or Landser being broadcast at their meetings and events. Until such time, the NAACP needs to keeps its own house in order.

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