Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scientists Can Tend To Be Arrogant Pricks

Have you ever noticed that there are things in this world that are unexplained? If not you have been brain dead. Have you ever noticed that "science" often has a very rational explanation for some phenomena and you know in your heart that said explanations are just malarky? Of course you have. Let us take the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for instance. This appeared on surface to be a major environmental disaster of epic proportions. Now that the spill has apparently  (for now) for the most part been capped (or whatever) there is little oil to be found. "Scientists" are "baffled" as to the reason for this. Is it possible that the warm waters of the region or the currents have somehow allowed the oil to dissipate? Who knows for sure, but apparently this, at least so far, has not been the unbelievable environmental disaster that we were told it would be. Did you believe any of it for a minute? I must admit that I did. I thought that this would ruin the fishing and the various states' coastline for perhaps generations. I am no scientist however. Could it be that practitioners and worshipers of science have again gotten it wrong?
Global warming or climate change, whatever you may want to call it, is another issue that science seems to really not be sure about. There is no consensus. The "debate" is not over, Al. Neither Al Gore, respected scientists, or Rush Limbaugh really have a clue if "climate change" is real, a temporary phenomena, a shift in Earth's weather pattern, etc.etc. If modern scientists can not even accurately predict the track of a hurricane, then they certainly are not to be taken seriously on the climate change issue.
Have you ever seen the television series Ghost Hunters? I actually prefer Ghost Hunters International but that is a different subject. At any rate  - Do you think that those practitioners of modern science take the investigations of the television series' finding seriously? Again I am sure there would be debate into methodology, equipment usage, etc, etc, yadda yadda yadda. I would imagine that paranormal (ie ghosts, demons, etc) investigators are placed in the same category by modern scientists as UFO investigators, Big Foot hunters, and a host of other people and groups that investigate subjects out of the norm. The preceding subjects probably make the mainstream science world nervous. Probably many mainstream religious practitioners, for completely different reasons, are even more disturbed by such evidence as presented, for all of us to see, on the television. That is a different subject altogether however. You see, the reason that scientists tend to discount "laymen" findings on any subject is nothing more than fear and arrogance. It is along the same lines as a history professor or archaeologist becoming dismissive and indeed quite angry when other angles or theories, outside of the mainstream, are advanced.
I am not saying that there has not been a vast amount of scientific advancement, particularly in the last century - there has. What I am saying is that the scientific community, as a whole, does not know near as much as they would like us to think they do. They don't even know as much as they themselves think they do.  If any of you have seen a terminally ill relative die a painful death from cancer, then you would know in your heart that in many respects scientists don't, as they say, "know shit."

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