Monday, July 19, 2010

An Accidental Purchase of a Product of Mexico

The other day I was shopping at the evil empire and saw some sponges by the name of "O-cel-o" or "Ocelo." This product was reasonably priced when compared to sponges by the "name brands." Of course I bit and made the purchase. The sponges are just about as good as some of the name brands and they do the job that they were designed to do. No problems there. When I examined the packaging I discovered that these were indeed made in Mexico for the 3M Corp. I inadvertandly violated my self imposed boycott of Mexican products. So it goes. I found myself wondering what pitiful wage the worker in Mexico was making. I am sure not even liveable income. It is a shame that the 3M Corp stoops so low as to have products made in Mexico and shipped north. I wonder how many Americans could be employed making this product. While I am not overly concerned with the plight of the Mexican worker, I am certainly concerned about the situation of those in the United States. Any company that outsources labor to a foreign land (in the case of Mexico, a borderline hostile nation) at the expense of the American worker is contributing to the downfall of this nation. If the company slaps us in the face by exporting the finished product to the U.S. they are further doing this country a disservice. No more Ocelo sponges for me.

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