Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 14 2013 College Football Predictions

This week is "rivalry week" and there are always some good games on tap. They say one can throw talent level and the w/l records out the window this weekend. Don't know so much about that but there will be some surprises none the less. Mark that. Last week I went an inauspicious 5-5 for a total of 86-39 thus far this season.........

1. Texas vs TTU: This one could be good. Both teams have shown that they can, at times, play top 20 ball. Both have also shown that they can be beaten by just about anyone on any given day. This game is a complete toss up and I will go with the Longhorns here.

2. Ole Miss vs Miss State: The Rebs are the better team and will find a way to win.

3. Grambling vs Southern: This game, believe it or not, has a huge following. The Grambling program is in shambles and Southern will win this. It is true, and for good reason, that many people tune in just to watch the respective bands prance about.

4. Oregon State vs Oregon: The "civil war" does not really mean much this year from a national perspective. The bloom is long off the rose for OSU and Oregon has been exposed. That being said, OU is the vastly better team and should win. They must guard against the let down though of not being considered a team of note from a national standpoint.

5. Kansas State vs KU: KSU is better and will win. The Jayhawks are probably missing Mangino right about now.

6. Auburn vs Alabama: The "big one" they say. Bama may, or may not, be the best team in the land at this point but will find a way to win this one. It will be close and War Eagle will have their chances....One can only hope....

7. Louisiana vs ULM: The Cajuns are nationally ranked in the AP Poll. I am not sure I would quite yet go there but they are, hands down, the best team in the Sun Belt. There is a legitimate argument that they are the best college ball team in Louisiana this season. Now that would be an interesting game sure. Oh well. Go with the Cajuns here although it may be closer than some think.

8. Florida vs FSU: This one should be a no brainer but I have a premonition that it will be closer than expected. Go with FSU in a hard fought, tough game. The Gators will play above their talent level and make it close before ultimate defeat.

9. Ohio State vs Michigan: OK. Despite the Big Ten being rather weak - Ohio State has proven to be a team of note. There are those that say this is the best squad in the land. They may be correct. While the Big Ten competition is not so great, and therefore the Buckeyes have not seriously been challenged (except oddly enough by Northwestern), there has not been a UT Chattanooga or Georgia State on the schedule as there has been down Tuscaloosa way. With all that being said it is almost a no brainer here to go with Ohio State. Hoke may find himself out of a job quicker than most expected.

10. Temple vs Memphis: The Tigers are actually a better team than their record reflects. Not to say they are a good team of course, but they will find a way to edge the Owls here. Go with Memphis.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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