Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 13 2013 College Football Predictions

Another 6-4 week last week for a total of 81-39 thus far straight up. We will see where we are after this upcoming week. .......Oh, as usual some of the "power" teams in the SEC are playing FCS competition. One can only hope someone gets embarrassed. Could it be the Gators?.......

1. Northern Illinois vs Toledo: The BCS honks are certainly hoping that the Rockets knock off the Huskies. Toledo is a very good MAC team but the Huskies may well be under ranked. It could certainly be argued that NIU, if in the Big Ten, would be the 2nd best team in that conference. I would go with NIU here in what could be a good close game.

2. Rutgers vs UCF: UCF certainly dodged a bullet last week in their tilt with one win Temple. Rutgers is a step up from the Owls and UCF likely just had an "off" day Saturday last. Go with the Knights here.

3. Duke vs Wake Forest: The Blue Devils are the surprise of the season likely. Wake Forest is not a good team. That being said I am suspecting that Wake Forest will pull off the upset here. The folks at Duke may be feeling just a bit over confident right about now.

4. Wisconsin vs Minnesota: Evenly matched. The Gophers have likely been playing a bit above their talent level and Wisconsin is Wisconsin. That is to say they are a good team that just can't quite get over the top. This is a toss up and I will go with the Badgers.

5. TAMU vs LSU: This is, some say, the "big one" this week. That is ridiculous but if the Tigers can find a way to stop that silly ass "Johnny Football" then they might have a decent shot. They won't though. Go with the Aggies in what has the potential to be an ugly game.

6. Vanderbilt vs Tennessee: A good match up. I would go with the Commodores here in a close one.

7. BYU vs Notre Dame: This could be a good one. Both of these squads are on the cusp of making it into the Bartender Cabbie (the real BCS) top 25. Here and there as it might be (kind of a week to week thing). BYU is probably the better club and will find some way to win. In reality this one is a probably a toss up.

8. Baylor vs Oklahoma State: Yes I know that many SEC honks think that LSU/TAMU is the big game but that is, of course, asinine. This particular game has possible "national championship" implications and Baylor must win to be considered to be in standing with the Crimson Tide and FSU. (Oh and Ohio State I suppose)  It helps that both the Seminoles and the Tide face inferior competition this week. If Baylor can win then they could very well be considered for at least number two team in the land. I will go with the Bears in a close one.

9. Boise State vs SDSU: The Broncos are having an off year. SDSU seems to have improved as the season progressed but are in no way a good team. I would go with the Broncos here.

10.. Missouri vs Ole Miss: This will be a good one. The Rebs are a dangerous football team that could beat anyone in the top 10 on a great day (providing of course the top 10 squad has an off performance). That being said I will go with the Tigers in a close one.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

The LSU defense could not tackle the running backs from Alabama, they most certainly will not be able to tackle that smarmy twerp from A&M. Yes, much as I hate it,m go with the Aggies.

The Aztecs are better than most think they are, but not as good as their rocord looks. Yes, go with Boise State.

And now for the regular battle to prove I'm not a robot. Unless... Maybe I have trouble with it because I am a robot?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I hate to do that anti robot thing but when I got rid of it I was deluged with spam.

About the only game that really holds my interest this week is Baylor vs Oklahoma State. That one could be good.

Jayhawk said...

Off topic but interesting; the Chargers drafted Melvin Ingraham out of South Carolina at linebacker. He tore his ACL before the season started, but after only six months of rehab the team has resigned him to the practice squad. The first day back during blocking drill he picked up Manti T'eo, lifted him bodily off the ground, and dumped him on his ass. The SEC does not send candyasses to the NFL.

Don't worry about the robot thing. I'm just giving you a hard time.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I figured T'eo wouldn't amount to much in the NFL. There is still some time for him to develop but....we will see. He might be afflicted with the Tebow syndrome.
Just goes to show that a great college player does not always make it in the NFL and sometimes those that you least expect become big time players.

Jayhawk said...

Well, I'm quite happy to have been wrong in both of my predictions.

And I had the amusing bonus of hearing Verne Lundquist talking about the imposition of thirty yards of penalty, and then being surprised that only fifteen yards was walked off, apparently unaware after all of his years in football that never are two penalties imposed on a single play.

In the Aztecs game I heard some clown declaim that "the defensive secondaries are performing well on both sides of the line of scrimmage."

The networks are getting hard up for commentators.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I heard one say something to the effect that "the key to winning is scoring when in the red zone."