Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 7 2013 College Football Predictions

The season is at the mid  point and as usual the cream has risen to the top. Oregon and Alabama along with Clemson and perhaps another four or five (Georgia, LSU, Stanford, Baylor, FSU, Ohio State) are in the running for the mythical BCS "National Championship." There is no more room for error for anyone..........Last week was an 8-2 week with the total thus season of 44-16. That being said, on to the predictions..

1. Rutgers vs Louisville: The Scarlett Knights are one of the few teams on the Cardinals schedule with a slight possibility of tripping them up. They won't. Go with Louisville to have a rather easy time.

2. Missouri vs Georgia: Missouri is 5-0 at this point and a well coached club to boot. Georgia still has a legitimate shot at the "National Championship." Mizzou is a better team than most expect and may give the Bulldogs some problems but will come out on the short end of the stick. Go with Georgia.

3. Memphis vs Houston: Memphis is an improved ball club this season and it is still a mystery if the Cougars are worth a flip or not. Houston is probably the better team and should prevail. I would put my money on the Cougars. It could be close. Or not.

4. Buffalo vs Western Michigan: Buffalo may actually make some noise in the MAC. WMU is going nowhere. Go with Buffalo here.

5. Baylor vs KSU: This is the game that will end any possibility of KSU having a top twenty five season. Go with the Bears. It could get ugly depending on which KSU team shows up. I would not discount the Bears having a shot to reach the "Big Game at the End."

6. Texas vs Oklahoma: A major rivalry game and anything can happen. Right? Won't happen for the Horns with Little McCoy behind center. Go with the Sooners. It has the potential to get ugly although the Sooners are, let us be honest, no great shakes.

7. ULM vs Texas State: Browning is out for the Warhawks and thus the season seems to be ended. Go with Texas State here.

8. Oregon vs Washington: The number one team in the land (sorry Tide goobs) should be able to handle a pretty good Washington squad.

9. Florida vs LSU: Florida looked somewhat improved in their win over a rebuilding Razorback group. LSU had some trouble with MSU but that was sort of expected. I would go with LSU here although it may well be a close one.

10. California vs UCLA: The Bruins are inexplicably ranked rather high in the major polls. They are a solid lower top 25 squad but in no way approaching top 10 status. With that being said, they should take the Bears in this one. Go with UCLA.

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