Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paula and the White Hispanic

I haven't done much "blogging" of late. Been way too busy at work. Managing a trucking terminal is a 24 hour a day job, most of which is dealing with idiots. No I don't mean the drivers (well there are a few). The most idiotic are some of those residing within the hallowed halls of the corporate office and then there are some of our "customers" reps whose grasp on geography, mileage, and transit times (not to mention the new hours of service regs), is bit lacking. There are some among our corporate staff who I would have a hard time putting in charge of a snow cone stand. I am sure there are MBA's among them.............Be that as it may, there are a few things going on which I would like to touch briefly on.

It seems that one Paula Deen (or is it Dean? No matter) has said, at some point in time, the dreaded and career killing "N" word. Her reign as the southern cooking queen is now in jeopardy. Don't you think that we are just going a bit overboard here? It is ironic that her merchandise is now flying off the shelves. I am sure that is little consolation though as almost everyone in the distancing themselves from her. I doubt that she will become destitute but.............

That whole episode is minor compared to the divisive Trayvon (or is it Travon? Again, no matter) incident. You know where one young innocent (as pure as The Carpenter some say) was allegedly gunned down by the "White Hispanic" George Zimmerman. White Hispanic? Remember when the twats (oh yes I said it!) in the "news" media coined that one? Oh well. The crux of the matter is that one young man is dead and the other is on trail for his life A tragedy no doubt. A national newsworthy story? No so much. A local matter entirely. Perhaps Zimmerman was justified in killing the guy and perhaps not. That is what the trial is for. Of course if the outcome is the "wrong" one then some neighborhoods may be set alight. These things happen..........Funny however that is usually the very same neighborhoods in which the arsonists live.

I did briefly watch some bimbos and one "man" on one of the networks debate the Trayvon episode. Predictably it was divided among racial lines. On one side we had the Ivy league honkies and on the other (of course) we had the finest that the SWAC has to offer society. It held my interest for about one minute. The sisters' dialect was near unintelligible (I, as an ex 911 operator however am fluent), and the honkies were especially arrogant. Other than the fact the subject debated was a very tragic event that likely could have been easily avoided, the whole thing is really not worth taking any of our time. I suppose there is no real news to report....

Paula's career is ruined and her reputation in shambles. Trayvon is dead and Zimmerman may or may not have been justified in gunning down the lad. This is what we are talking about this week.

Wonder what next week will bring. Paris Hilton hasn't made a porn lately. Perhaps she's overdue.

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