Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Guess I'll Put my Two Cents In On The Zimmerman Incident.

I suppose I too will put my two cents in on the Zimmerman incident (no not the pre WWI affair - never mind). Why not. Everyone else is.........

The jury has spoken. One George Zimmerman (the white Hispanic) has been found not guilty of anything. Anything at all. While this may or may not be a "good" verdict, it is the verdict we have. Of course not wanting to respect the decision of the court, the NAACP (outraged of course), is calling for a federal "denial of civil rights" investigation into the affair and, as easily predicted, the racist, virulent, New Black Panther Party is calling for this Zimmerman's head (to shrink I suppose). Typical.

This whole episode is a tragedy of the first order but nothing more than a local affair that should have made no more than the local fish wrap. Instead with the flames fanned by none other that our illustrious President (still hard to believe isn't it), the flapping gums of Sharpton and assorted other opportunists, it has become a national story and one that poses a real danger to order.

Some say that this Martin kid was guilty of nothing more than "walking "Black."" I think that leftist "writer," one Robert Crawford, aka Jurassicpork (found a job yet? It has, after all been years) said something like that in a surprisingly lucid rant (well until he got into the Koch Brothers thing) over at Brilliant at Breakfast. He might admittedly have a point. Or not. Hard to say and it matters not anyway. The jury has spoken.........

Was this Martin kid a thug? I don't know. Do you? He was I guess a pot smoker but then I myself would like to light up and will again as soon as I can get back into "education" where one is not subject to DOT drug screens and the like. Does that make him a criminal. Not really.  Supposing he was a thug. Does that mean he should have been stalked by this Zimmerman? Probably not. One wonders what would have happened if this Zimmerman had simply taken the police dispatchers' sound advice...

What of Zimmerman? Was he in the right here?  Perhaps not. There is not doubt that he could have avoided the situation. Does that make him guilty of murder? I don't know. The jury thought not.
I am fairly certain that he is guilty of being a dumbass. That perhaps should go without saying. The fact that he is a dumbass is certainly a contributing factor in the young man's death. Being a stupid ass however is not a crime.

Profiling? Of course that is being "discussed" now on what passes for the news media these days. I will go out on a limb here and say that "profiling" is natural and in some cases necessary and this Zimmerman certainly did a bit of profiling.  Profiling (I call it good common sense) is a fact of business in the passenger vehicle for hire (taxi) industry here in Houston and everywhere else likely. I profiled constantly. Everyone does.  You are a fool if you don't........I suppose that makes one who "profiles" a bad person. Or something.

Well so far no one has thought it necessary to burn down their own neighborhood over this. Not at this juncture at least (Remember the semi competent president who used to say "at this juncture" a lot? Or was that just the comedian that portrayed him on comedy shows? No matter and I digress).

Oh well. I am sure the media folk are disappointed that riots are not breaking out all over the place over this.

Cheer up though honks. The week is young.

 I would watch for these "news" folks to fan the flames and spark some civil disobedience which in fact may lead to more tragic and heartbreaking episodes. Not that that would bother them any.......

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