Thursday, June 13, 2013

And You're Suprised?

Lately it has come out that the IRS has targeted political opponents of the current administration and that the govt may actually really and truly be spying on you. Data mining (as they say) and perhaps just out and out eavesdropping seems to be the issue.

I'm not shocked. Are you? What shocks me is that people are shocked by all these "revelations." Thought you really lived in a free country did you?

What rock have you been living under?


Jayhawk said...

But... But... TERRORISTS!!!

Bartender Cabbie said...

There has to be a balance between legitimate surveillance and out and out intrusiveness.
We either live in a free country or we don't. We are fast heading toward an Orwellian culture.

Jayhawk said...

"We are fast heading toward an Orwellian culture."

That ship sank some time ago, old son. We are already there.