Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Brayage

Thank goodness the weekend is here. Can't be long enough to suit me. I have a lot of work to do around the house and all that beats real work.

The Michael Berry (not Barry) thing is still an ongoing issue for those of us who follow local Houston ridiculousness. It seems that Berry (through his high powered and high priced attorney) has paid the guy whose car Berry (allegedly) damaged a chunk of change. OK. Case closed? Not so fast. Inquiring minds want to know why the "case" was apparently initially thrown under the rug by HPD. Why did the DA office not take action? Etc. As an unfortunate testament to the human condition; inquiring minds also want to know just what Berry was doing in a low rent club well known as a hang out for all kinds of unsavory folk. I have mentioned before that a lot of cabbies won't pick up customers from this particular spot. There is a reason for that. The saga continues.........

There has been some speculation in the left wing blogosphere that high fuel prices are all the doings of the Republicans. Something about keeping the prices high in order to defeat Obama. How is that possible? Speculation of that sort sounds like a bit of a stretch but I suppose anything is possible. Try this one on for size. Prices remain high and go even higher; Obama's poll number slip to the point the reelection seems to border on the impossible. Obama orders an attack on Iran, his poll numbers rise and he is re elected. The region is in flames and we still are paying out the nose for the necessity of driving to the green grocer. I'm getting sick of all of them. Aren't you?  Republicans, Mohammedans, and the Jackass Party are all tiresome.

Don't you think we just need to go to some sort of national sales tax and be done with it? It certainly would be more "fair" than the system we have now. Or at the very least, be less of a pain in the ass. Yes, I know that a whole lot of people are poor and end up not "owing" any taxes on their income. So? A whole bunch of "rich" people seem to find a way not to pay income taxes also. A national sales tax just seems so much simpler for the vast majority of us. There should be a way to just tax purchases. Maybe some things like prescription drugs and medical procedures could be exempt.

I hear some say that scrapping the current tax system would put a lot of people out of work? Really? Are they talking about those in the employment of the IRS? The IRS would not go away but I can see where it could certainly be downsized. This is a bad thing? Perhaps they are just talking about tax "professionals" that would find themselves in need of a career change. Again. This is a bad thing? These folk just perpetuate a ridiculously complex (and corrupt?) system anyway. Some need to become useful to society by learning to drive a truck.

That is about enough for one sitting I guess.

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