Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Super Bowl in the Books. Nothing For Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee to Become Outraged Over

I watched the Super Bowl last night. It was my duty as a proud American. As a citizen, it is simply a must to at least have the game on the telly. Kind of like catching at least one game of a World Series or rooting for the Americans in the Olympics. Even in the "sport" of  Soccer. Be that as it may, I really did not have much of a dog in the hunt and was only passively pulling for the Giants to win. I kind of like "The Quiet Manning."  The game was quite good and came right down to the wire. The way a Super Bowl should.

I did not notice any advertisements that would outrage Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Remember last year? I don't know, perhaps I was missing something but I just don't think there was anything that would offend the Congresswoman from Texas. Time will tell though. She has not been in the spotlight of late and it is past time for her to be outraged and offended about something or other. Perhaps she didn't like the minstrel show that was presented during the (exceptionally long) half.

It is always something.


Jayhawk said...

I was rather pleasantly surprised by Madonna. I've never paid any attention to her, really, other than quite thoroughly enjoying Evita, and most appearances I've seen of her looked like something of a freak show. She actually is quite a lovely young woman, has a charming smile, and I found her voice quite pleasant. The halftime show was, of course, ridicullously overstaged, but...

bartendercabbie said...

Madonna can still do some good work it seems.