Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wolf Interviews Donald Trump

I was watching CNN a few minutes ago and Wolf Blitzer had Hair on for a fairly in depth interview. Now I have never really cared much for Hair, find him to be an arrogant media hound, but I must admit he is one smart dude. I did not catch the entire interview, but did see and listen to enough to agree that Trump has his finger on the pulse of our great nation. Number one, Hair mentioned that when we leave Iraq, the Iranians will become the dominant power and will have a good deal of influence in region. He further mentioned that we have upset the balance of power in the region and of course that is something that I totally agree with. How nobody could see this is beyond me. He also made reference to taking the oil in the area if I am not mistaken. Why not? What would anyone be able to do at this point? Not much. I have always thought this a good idea. Sorry if that bothers you. Hair also is of the opinion that we need to bring our manufacturing back home. Of course that makes sense. Outsourcing to foreign nations, especially potential enemies (China, Mexico, Pakistan) is foolhardy and treasonous. I wish I had seen more of the interview.

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