Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Palin Again

Today I was flipping stations and came across Hannity just as he was introducing Sarah Palin. He started off by calling her Governor Palin. Does he not mean Resigned Governor Palin? Did she not resign from office.? I do believe that if Palin were a man Sean would practice fellatio.  Don't get me wrong, I agree with most of the things that she puts forth. National defense, energy independence, the reassurance of our allies, and general right of center policy are things I think any American that has a lick of sense can sign on to. As far as Palin is concerned though there is something wrong there I think. Something missing. Something false.  I don't like her. I just don't like her. Sue me. One thing she did say that I found interesting was her calling some journalists "impotent," and "limp." She was referring to journalists that do not do their homework and rely on anonymous sources, usually with the intent to defame. I must admit that she is right on the mark there. I wonder what they are teaching in Journalism "School" now. Obviously not ethics. There is really no need for college courses in Journalism anymore anyway. Most of us learned to write, at least to some extent, before we finished grammar school. Television "talking heads" for the most part are not real journalists anymore. Seems like a waste of time and money to study journalism in college. You would probably be better off learning to frame houses. Oh well, I did think it was funny that she called these so called journalists "impotent" and "limp." I like that vato! I like that. Doesn't change my thoughts on her in general though.

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Jayhawk said...

Elected office in this nation is apparently election for life any more. Clinton is only rarely referred to as "Former President Clinton" but almost always simply as "President Clinton" and sometimes as "The President." Retired senators are always addressed by the title they once held. Same with governors.

It is supposedly a gesture of respect, but actually it is a display of ignorance. This country does not have royalty, but the press treats public servants with the fawning obeisance as if they were royalty. They are public servants, elected to serve the public, not to be worshipped by the public.