Sunday, May 11, 2014

Truth and Questions From the Cab #3 With Rule 5

I have been busy of late what with having to go to our corporate office for some sort of pseudo-scientific personality assessment training program (we are a trucking company for Lord's sake), along with the standard "you aren't doing things the right way" gripe sessions from the upper "management" and thus have just not had time to jabber about this and that.
 That being said, there are plenty of things going on and hard questions that need to be asked. Combine that with the obligatory rule 5 and you have some damn fine reading and viewing. Still on the Asians but I hope one won't hold that against me......

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is still a dumbass. The congresswoman who wears the silly hats is one Frederica Wilson (forgot her name the other day) and she is a dumbass also.

2. If we are still hunting for the plane can we at least finally stop reporting on it?

3. The Iranian "Revolutionary Guard" naval forces leadership (distinct from the Iranian Navy) has made threats against our carriers. Fair enough. I'm thinking it would be a mistake for them to make good on those same threats. Just a guess.

4. Is it true that the current POTUS has killed more Mohammedans than the former? Well not personally but you get the drift.

5. Is it also true that the current POTUS has deported more illegal aliens than George II? The ultra left says so and boy are they pissed.

6. Will the Russians finally drop all pretense of being a civilized group and finally make a real land grab of the now marginally "independent" former Soviet Republics? Make it official as it were?

7. Are you worried about "Bear" bombers venturing out again? Is the Cold War returning? Did it ever really go away or just recede a bit for a couple decades?

8. Do you think that the ranting of one "Snoop Dog" showed folks that maybe the owner of the Clippers was not alone in "racist" racist rants. What? At least Snoop Dog knew he was on tape. That might make him more of stupid prick than the rich white guy.

9. Why do these rich mogul types always seem to have a mistress half their age and that mistress is usually, shall we say, not a fine figure of a woman? Seems they could afford a bit more in the looks department frankly.

10. If one could care less about the whole gay marriage thing, does that make them a homophobe? Or something.

11. Why is it easier to get fellatio offers at the park by a strange guy instead of a strange female? Seems ass backward to me (no pun intended). Should perhaps we ask one Houston radio talk show great his opinion on the matter? I would suspect that he has the answer. Just a guess mind.

12. You know why truckers call rest areas pickle parks don't you? Sure you do.

13. One way to probably not catch the newfangled (in this country) MERS virus would be to just avoid the Middle East. Seems logical and what the fuck does anyone want to go there for anyway. It's hot, sorta stinks, and there is always the possibility of getting offed by some sort of wild Islamic Jihadi type. Of course there is the history. Could be worth the risk I suppose.

14. If you are talking up the old Eastwood westerns like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  then you are probably showing your age. Same could be said of speaking public wise of The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue.  I think Jamie Gillis was in that one. Wasn't he? Could be wrong.

15. Dr. Phil is a weenie. There is no dispute. So is that Driftglass guy. Don't know who that is? Not worth the effort to get into it...but let us just say he is a (likely) unemployed (by choice and proud of it) ultra liberal who thinks that blogging and podcasting (whatever that is) is real work. Guess I'll just leave it at that. Would be an infuriating dude if not so silly what with him being all concerned about the new Confederacy and so forth.

16. Would Japan be able to hold her own from an attack by Red China? I'm thinking yes. The world appears to be becoming more dangerous of late with the upsurge in nation vs nation tension instead of just nation vs Mohammedan ragtags conflicts.

17. Are you ready for the college football season yet? Do you think that one J. Winston might have been involved in a little something unsavory and that it was swept under the rug?

18. Which NFL team will finally foolishly put their hopes and expend their treasure on young "Johnny Football?" Update: The Browns. Took their sweet time about it.

19. Should NFL cheerleaders get some sort of salary? Is there any real difference between these young ladies and the local hoochie koochie dancer? They do have places where folk so inclined can go and watch a bit of naked dancing. So I hear.

20. Is American League baseball really baseball? There is the DH thing that certainly takes a lot of strategy away from the game. You know what with having to use strategy with the pitching staff...never mind.

21. Will the Houston Astros win 40 games this season? Will over 17,000 fans show up at any game this season? Perhaps they could give away a car or something..........

22. Remember when Obama was going to heal the ills that plagued this nation? What happened?

24. Do you recall when one Ross Perot spoke of a "giant sucking sound?" No one listened. Did they? Now we are a nation of insurance agents and hamburger salesmen. That little weird bastard knew what he was talking about after all.

25. Mitt Romney, another weird bastard, may have been right on the money when he said that Russia was a great geopolitical threat.

26. Young "Johnny Football" discovered likely that the NFL folk are not too sure of his act. Likely some think he won't survive long (he probably won't) but  are probably even more leery of  his antics. Far from being the number one pick, the lad was not even the first QB selected. A bit of humble pie could be good for the child. A life lesson as it were...

27. We might be seeing another Vietnam vs. Red China skirmish before long. Should we root for the underdog here despite our history with same underdog?

29. It is not Procol Harum that kidnapped those kids in Ethiopia err Nigeria. Never mind...

30.  If you are a trucker, don't ask to see the invoice to make sure that you are being paid your proper "percentage." Not good for your long term career with my current firm it seems. Might get into this later. Or not.

About enough for one sitting I guess. One day maybe I will try to write something of substance again. Maybe I never really have come to think of it. No matter. Enjoy the lovely and talented Tammy La. Apparently she is a food writer, TV personality, etc. out California way. She is a beautiful woman and no mistake.


Gary Fouse said...


Get in the cab!

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yes. That would be nice.

Jayhawk said...

#2: You’re watching the wrong channel. CNN is the only channel still reporting it. That little thing on your coffee table with all the buttons on it is called the “remote,” and you can use it to change channels. If there’s a teenager in your house ask him to show you how.

#15: Dr. Phil re-exploits people who have already been exploited. I can’t really think of anything lower than that. Take someone who has been fucked and fuck them again. Yeccch.

#17: J. Winston absolutely did it and the administration broke its own arm as well as the arms of law enforcement to at least delay it until after the Heisman was awarded and the championship game played. They are in the same league as Penn State.

#18: Not only the 22nd pick but the third pick of the team that picked him.

#20: Any “baseball” organization which uses a designated hitter is not playing baseball.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I have never liked Dr. Phil nor his master.

The Astros are now American League and it is damn hard to have any interest. Not used to the teams and don't like the brand of "baseball" played. I'm not alone. Look at the attendance. Of course them being horrible might have something to do with it.

"Johnny Football" will be put out of commission before the season is half over. (I'm assuming that he will be the starter which may be a stretch). There are some NFL players that will take that cheap shot to make it so. They don't all play on the Saints.

Pretty sure that Winston joins a long list of his esteemed colleagues in athletics who feel entitled to take advantage of the fairer sex. Just speculation of course...

I don't know. I still hear some reporting on the plane. Seems to have died down I agree.