Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truth From the Cab with Rule 5 #1

As usual there are a lot of things going on in the world and nation and much of it is not news of a nice nature. If you are  tired of the "experts," pundits, and the all around drivel of the chattering class (whatever that is), sit back and enjoy the down and dirty truth from this obscure blogger.

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is still a dumbass. Pills won't help.

2. Syndicated talk show host Michael Berry is usually right on the issues but there are a number of us who wonder just what he was doing a while back in that Houston rough trade gay bar. No answers have ever been forthcoming and of course it is no longer news. Something was up though. You know it. Either a blower or a blowee would be my guess. Speculation of course. It ain't the kind of establishment that one just "stops in for a beer" after a hard day at the office or some such.

3. The plane that everyone is still blabbering about is gone. Likely disintegrated on impact when it hit the water. What really happened will remain a mystery. Enough already.

4. The subhumans who were involved "allegedly" in the killing of a Houston cabbie recently were all, as they say, persons of color. Shocking! Isn't it?

5. Vlad Putin took the measure of our current president and found him lacking. Likely would not have blatantly taken the Crimea if he had not figured Obama for a pussy. Was Vladimir correct in his assessment?

6. If you work, in any capacity, for the Internal Revenue Service then you are, at heart, a scumbag. A mobile home salesman has more class and everyone knows what they are about.

7. No matter what is ever really decided about "gun control" most folks just won't be giving up their weaponry. Simple as that.

8. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not your local chamber. Not by a long shot. They are a treasonous organization.

9. In some instances organized labor can be a good thing. Others? Not so much.

10. Tool puts on one hell of a show.

11. The Muslim Brotherhood is a group of Islamists and a bad outcome for them is good for the free world.

12. There is really a war going on just south of our border. It is spilling over into this country.

13. If a business knowingly hires illegal aliens then those who did so should be sanctioned with fines and jail time.

14. If you are here illegally then you are a criminal.

15. Marijuana does have medicinal properties. If not, why would there be pain medications made with synthetic THC as an ingredient.

16. If any federal law enforcement agent should deem it necessary to "raid" a medical MJ dispensary in states where it is "legal" then these same federal law enforcement agents should be arrested for trespass, and disturbing the peace. If the agents are armed (and they will be) and arrests are actually made then charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault should be added.

17. The Syrian civil war is a brutal affair and we should not get  involved in depth although the West should be certain that one side or the other does not really get the upper hand. Let this thing last as long as necessary. The weakening of both the Syrian state and the rebel forces through sustained combat is not necessarily a bad thing.

18. John McCain is a horse ass.

19. Some folks thought that Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow was walking the straight and narrow. A tiger can't change stripes usually. Didn't he win some accolades or something from that idiot Pelosi?

20. Belle Knox, the Duke "pornstar," is not really all that attractive. Angelina Chung is another matter entirely. Fact of business so is Natalia Robles. Not sure what college they attend. Oh. Most of the time those titty dancers tell you they are paying for college, well, they're not.

21. The federal government could really make themselves useful by closing the southern border to all but legitimate business and tourist traffic.

22. The Black Sea Fleet that the Russians seem so concerned about would not have opportunity of ever exiting the area into the confines of the Mediterranean should a conflict with the West arise.

23. Red China will be a force to reckon with in coming years. The naval forces, at least, of our allies should be supported in the region to keep a growing Chinese fleet at bay. If she becomes a truly expansionist nation (and she might) she should be encouraged to look to the vastness of areas under Russian control for her version of lebensraum.

24. If Iran does really begin a sophisticated nuclear program then it will be destroyed by either the forces of the West or Israel. Can't have any more nuclear armed Mohammedan nations.

25. If our Mohammedan "allies" chose to brutally suppress Islamist elements within their borders, well...? That's showbiz. Noting for us to get in a tizz about.

26. The NCAA basketball tournament is not as interesting this year as it has been in the recent past. The last "cinderalla" has been eliminated.

27. North Korea firing a couple of her crappy missiles during the time of the Russian Crimean adventure, the hunt for the downed plane, and the naval maneuvering of the Red Chinese, could be looked at a bit as a "look at me, don't forget about me. I'm a badass too" kind of thing.

Ever seen that one insurance commercial where the pretty Asian lady sings "give me some money"? Yes? Well that lovely

young lady is one Camille Chen. Poke around a bit and one will find a few more snapshots that are, shall we say, interesting. Very interesting indeed for those of you who are interested in interesting things.

There is more available and they just aren't hard to find. This type thing could derail a future run for Senate. Or something.


Jayhawk said...

#3. Life is filled with things for which we have, and will never have, answers. Deal with it and move on.
#5. More like simply “feckless.” He waits for things to happen and then reacts to them, if he can figure out how to react. He often can’t so he resorts to empty threats.
#7. You mean people will break the law? I am shocked. I would have thought they would line up for days to turn in their weapons.
#8. Not treasonous, perhaps, but certainly criminal. Local chapter is not much better.
#9. Collective bargaining can be good, but organized labor is never good under any circumstances.
18. He’s also a moron and a complete idiot.
26. With Kentucky, otherwise known and “The NBA Farm Club” in the Final Four, no.

Bartender Cabbie said...

You are probably right on organized labor but it is hard to have collective bargaining without some sort of organizational backing. Never been in that position before on either side of the table.