Sunday, March 16, 2014

McCain on Russia: More Proof He's a Horse Ass

The Honorable John McCain (R-AZ) is a fool and there is no serious dispute. His latest move calling for a path to enter NATO for Moldova and Georgia is proof that he has finally lost all sense of reality.

 It is a shame that these marginal nation state backwaters are in the sights of the vicious and cowardly Russian Bear but they are of no strategic importance to the West and are certainly not worth fighting for. This is not appeasement but realpolitik in the modern sense.

A nation must pick and chose her battles in light of her interests vice any moral code.

As bad as our stupidly destructive, amazingly childlike, and likely treasonous current president is, it is difficult to imagine just where this idiot McCain would have led this nation.


Jayhawk said...

"the vicious and cowardly Russian Bear"

I question that Russia is vicious. Other than fighting wars the way wars actually need to be fought, I've seen no indication of a vicious nature toward other nations in Russia's pilicies. And Russia is most certainly not cowardly. It is the opposite of cowardly.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I look back on Russia's vicious behavior toward Poland and others during WWII. I look to the brutal suppression of the Hungarians. I see now a Russian "power" bullying a small neighbor.

I also look a Russia that could not stomach battle with the forces in Afghanistan. A Russia that was, in effect, chased home by a force that should not have been able to defeat any competent group.

The West defeated the same in short order with their hands tied behind their back. True there is a very effective insurgency but no insurgency can really ever truly be put down without the insurgents themselves getting tired of it or the occupying force resorting to genocidal behavior.

The Russians now, in my opinion, would be likely to utterly brutalize a people if confronted with any real resistance in their Ukrainian adventure and resort to the aforementioned genocidal behavior.