Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Defense of the Old Dude Robertson

This is a bit of old news but everyone I suppose remembers about a month back the Duck Dynasty "controversy" when old Phil Robertson said some supposed horrible things about gay folk.
The uproar was hilarious (and typical), with all the usual suspects chiming in calling for the old dude's head. The network was to "suspend" him for his insensitivity and many in the "liberal" community were willing to see him burned at the stake. Or some such. Hell even the current mayor (a gay woman "married" to her partner) of Houston noted that no one cares what some "right wing redneck" (or some such) says about anything. She is right of course. Who cares what anyone says? For instance I could point out that Mayor Parker is a mean faced, illegally (in Texas) married shrew who is followed around by a pack of equally fugly bull daggers and no one should care. It doesn't matter what I (or anyone else) thinks.

Anyway.....What Robertson actually did was nothing more than share his religious beliefs. Beliefs that many in this country (perhaps even the majority) share. He did not at any time ever call for discrimination, violence, etc. etc. He simply shared his thoughts on the subject.......A true Christian it would seem to me.

While a great many of us may (or may not) share the same belief Robertson has on the subject, he is to be commended for his forthrightness. What he did not understand perhaps, or maybe not care about, was the uproar that his rather harmless and innocent remarks can cause in this polarized nation, where the odd is being pushed on us as normal, the dregs are considered equal, and the lazy given special status.

Where does all this come from I often wonder. Since the late 80's perhaps I have heard of this newfangled "political correctness" where one supposedly is not allowed to, as my friend so eloquently puts it, to "call a spade a spade." It originated they say on college campuses and has spread, like mustard gas, to all aspects of society. Ask anyone who works for a corporation of any size. People are actually attending classes on sexual harassment (not to learn how silly), "inclusion" (whatever that is), sensitivity, etc. etc. It is ridiculous but to not at least to pretend to take these things seriously can derail a career in corporate America. I have seen it happen......

Well, anyway, on the issue of gay folk I would imagine that a large faction of the population agree with Robertson's Biblical outlook while perhaps an equal number hold his views to be archaic,  foolish, and (oh my God), hateful.

Meanwhile, the majority of us just don't give a rat's. Most of us probably don't give gay folk much thought at all. A large portion of us could not care less if gay "marriage" is legal or not in their respective states or what consenting adults do in their homes or beauty shops. It just doesn't affect anyone. Really it falls into the "who cares" category.
The flip side to all that is that most don't practice homosexuality and somewhere, deep down, will find the practice queer (no pun intended). Anything outside the "norm" of any society is considered so. This is human nature and nothing more. It matters not that it is not necessarily a choice for someone to be homosexual. It is still different and therefore will be suspect in many folks minds.

So the result is that gay folk will likely have to put up with, indefinitely it seems,  young boys calling each other "faggot," jokes made about kissing peepees, locker room banter, quiet to be sure office water cooler jokes, ect. etc. forever and ever and ever. Amen.

All the screeching of the minority ain't much gonna matter either. Trust me on this. Fact of business, it will just make the "slurs" more prevalent. Folks will always get tired, sooner or later, of listening to the bitching of the few and a backlash will ensue.

We are seeing that now.

As for Phil? None of this seems to matter to him.

Why should it?

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