Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 15 College Football Predictions 2013

The season draws to a close. Conference championships are being decided while other teams play their last regular season games.  Meanwhile championships are decided the proper way the FCS, DII, DIII, and NAIA as their respective playoffs are in full swing. Last week saw another 6-4 outcome for a season total of  92-43.

1. Louisville vs Cincinnati: Who would have thought that Tuberville was actually going to accomplish something down in southern Ohio? The Cats have been quietly building a successful season and are likely a bit under rated by the BCS asshats. Earlier in the season I myself equated them on the same level as Memphis but that proved to be an incorrect assessment. Louisville is a good team that has had what some would consider a below par season in that they did not run the table. That is ridiculous of course but there you go. The Cardinals have not been really all that impressive in many of their wins but win they do. Who will win this one? Well if you must have it - have it then. I will go with Cincinnati to pull off the minor upset. It will be close.

2 Memphis vs UCONN: The Huskies come off a rather improbable win and the Tigers fell to a team that they should have handled. This one is a toss up and I will go with Memphis.

3. Bowling Green vs Northern Illinois: The Huskies may truly be a team that can play with most of the top "big time" schools. Don't think they are up there with Auburn, Mizzou, Bama or Ohio State but I do think they could play with some of the others in the top 10. That being said this may be a rather close game - I would imagine the Falcons want it bad but I would still go with NIU for the win.

4. Texas vs Baylor: Baylor will be out to prove they still matter (they might)and the Longhorns will be out to prove that they are a much better team now than when they go started (they are). This game really could come down to the wire and I will go with the Horns for the upset.

5. Oklahoma vs OSU: OSU is the better group. They may not have the better talent of the two teams but there is something just not quite right in Norman. I will go with the Cowboys here.

6. Auburn vs Mizzou: Auburn power vs Mizzou speed. Should be interesting and the Bears will win by 2 touchdowns. Mark it.

7. Rice vs Marshall: Both are good teams for CUSA but in no way would I consider either team a real good team. Toss up here and I will go with the Owls.

8. FSU vs Duke: A no brainer they say. Lambs for the slaughter the Blue Devils I've heard. Nonsense. FSU has, (and let us be honest) had a very weak schedule. Clemson and Miami (well sort of) have  been about the only quality opponents. Same can be said for Duke of course but the Devil faithful are not jumping around like they have just invented lightning. This game may be close but the Seminoles' talent level will grind the Duke squad down. And then of course we will see another specter of a lower level top 10 team in the BCS "Championship" Game. Happens all the time. Nothing new citizens.

9. Ohio State vs MSU: The Buckeyes were one failed two point conversion away from irrelevance. MSU may be a better team than many suspect but it is possible (just possible) that OSU is one of the two best in the country and deserve to be in the big game at the end. We will see directly and I will go with OSU in a tough, hard fought game.

10. Utah State vs Fresno State: These particular Aggies are a better team than they are given credit for. The Bulldogs have, frankly, been very lucky. This will come down to the wire and I will go out on a limb and predict Utah State to knock the Dogs out of the top 25.


Jayhawk said...

Olbermann was discussing outcomes that would result in Auburn vs. Alabama in the BCS title game in Pasadena. It was possibly the silliest discussion I have witnessed in many years, by someone who is a master of silly discussions.

I have no idea why I watch Olbermann, possibly for the same reason the guy bangs his head against the brick wall - it feels good when I stop.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I knew that he landed a gig and I have not watched him. He just won't go quietly in the night it seems.

Jayhawk said...

Is Navy going to make it 12 in a row over Army? I ask only as a Navy veteran, because I'm not sure the question is even worth asking.

Bartender Cabbie said...

It looks like they did. As you once said, this is an officer thing and usually not much of a game.