Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aliens in Tampa

The Republican get together in Tampa last night was top story on most of the "news" networks. I had a little trouble understanding this as Romney's nomination was a foregone conclusion and there was a potential natural disaster bearing down on parts of the Gulf Coast. Most rational people would think a hurricane moving into the NOLA area is just a bit more important. Don't you think?

That being said, I did tune in a few times to view the Republicans in action. Pretty boring most of it, but I certainly did get a kick out of the reaction to some in the crowd when Ron Paul had delegates show up in his favor. It was interesting to see MN and I think NV. cast more ballots for Paul than Romney. I believe there were a few other states delegations did the same. The reaction? A bit of unrest it seemed to me. Why are those in the Republican mainstream so afraid of this man. Is it his ideas? He has a few good ones sure but a good many are quite frankly borderline insane. Dr. Paul is the rep in my district and he is well loved, but to me he is just about as loony as Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Even she has a good idea once in a while also.

Again, why would the middle of the road Democrats err Republicans be fearful of this man? A good question. Would it be that a substantial minority of Republicans see the mainstream folk for what they are?  Bill Clinton without the sexual peccadilloes (that we know of). Very little difference. Romney is a typical middle of the road type and is probably not too much further to the right than William Jefferson. A John McCain without the crazy perhaps.

Fact is, those who portray themselves a moderates usually (not always) win national elections. Romney may pander a bit to the Tea Party types and the "evangelicals" as required, just as Obama pandered a bit to the ultra left fruitloops of his party. Obama is probably as radical a president as we have had in living memory and even he has seen the need to move somewhat toward the center. If he should win again we likely will see him move toward his true nature.

Romney is a centrist. A fact that irritates a lot of conservative voters but he has opportunity to win. Do you for a money think that a Ron Paul would be elected to the highest office in the land? Paul is as honest as Sanders of VT. and that honesty  (no matter how loony) and integrity scares the mainstream folk. They can't handle it.

Oh what does that have to do with aliens? I have worked, as a bartender, for a least two rather large Republican events. Some of those folks actually seem like they are from another planet. Wooden, plastic, and humorless a lot of them. Like something that might abduct you and take you to the mother ship. I don't trust them any more than I trust the fruitloops of the other party.

It is a conumdrum of sorts.

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